Top Technology Trends

The pace of change is blisteringly fast and newer technology is buzzing in every country. There are more and more …

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Newest Technology 2012

The latest advancements in technology has lead to lot of new innovative inventions and newer digital media technology has forayed into the market.

Here is the rundown on the newest technology 2012.

Flexible Samsung Phone

Flexible Samsung Phone

The new Samsung Galaxy Skin will feature AMOLED display that is bendable and can be rolled up and used like a wrist watch. It can be bent like a cylinder with 1

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Apple Siri on iPhone 4S

Apple Siri app

The new iPhone 4S boasts of the voice recognition application Siri. Siri is one of the most top notch and high end features of Apple iPhone 4S. Apple had a voice control feature before also but Siri gives directions and answers all kinds of questions and is loads of fun.

It will be your personal assistant talking to you in your natural language. You

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Apple iPhone 4S Price in India

Apple iPhone 4S

The much awaited Apple iPhone is finally out in the market creating waves. It is similar to iPhone 4 with lot of internal changes and features improved camera, better aerial signal, enhanced graphics performance, iOS 5 and A5 processor.

Here is the rundown on this latest gadget. Lets get into the nitty-gritty of Apple iPhone 4S.

The phone is equipped with 3.5 inches capacitive touchscreen along with

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How to Send Fax Using Google Docs

Send fax using Google Docs

Sending and receiving fax is frequent in today’s business. Sometimes it is very inconvenient for the business firms which do not have a fax machine. One also might have to make use of fax center which is not at all an economical option.

Now, one can send the fax throughout Google Docs. The Interfax Service turns the Google Docs into a fax machine. One can fax the documents from any part of the world from the browser by just attaching the files and it will be faxed. All the activities and incoming and outgoing

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Wireless Network Security Tips

Wireless Network Security

Wireless network is a set of devices with all the personal computers in that area and can access the internet connection simultaneously. They make use of radio waves and there are no use of cables. Wireless Network is usually called as WIFI or Wireless FIdelity. These Wireless Networks provide high speed internet a home and in other public locations like coffee shops, etc usually called Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs).

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6 Best DTH Service Providers in India

DTH Service Providers in India

DTH means Direct-to-Home. DTH digital service offers television services in various parts of the country. It makes use of wireless technology and subscribers get an access to the television program with the help of satellites without any cables. The picture clarity is great and without any disturbance with DTH connection along with amazing sound systems.

Here are some of the best DTH service providers in India. The prices, facilities, rates and other unique features vary form one service provider to another.

Best DTH Service Companies in India:

1. Dish TV

Dish TV is the largest DTH Service provider in India. This service provider from Zee is the market

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Dual SIM Mobile Phones in India with Prices

dual SIM Mobile Phones

Dual SIM Mobile Phones have become a rage in India compared to the rest of the world. There are many people who use different mobile phones for work and for personal use. Now it has become easy to manage work with a multiple SIM mobile phones.

There has been a huge success in India in the launch of dual SIM mobile phones. The mobile manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Micromax and Nokia have taken a leap in this and ventured into dual SIM mobile phone market.

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Tips to Keep Your Mobile Safe From Virus and Malware

As the technology is advancing and more and more snazzy features rolling out, more and more viruses and Malware also getting tagged along. People these days use Blackberry, iPhone, Android phones and PDA devices to access Internet via the terminals and are more vulnerable to such attacks leading to a lot of risks and hazards just like PC.

Some of the risks caused by Malware and viruses are that they empty the battery in seconds, your files might not get saved or become invisible or even deleted, your private information might get leaked. Many bugs spread from phone to phone via MMS or bluetooth.

Here are few tips to keep your mobile safe from virus and Malware:

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