Got My First Payment Check From AzoogleAds CPA Network

I joined Azoogleads affiliate marketing network recently and today I got my first check from them. It’s time for celebration! I always love to celebrate my first check from any affiliate network.

Actually, I made mistake not joining AzoogleAds affiliate network from my very first day of affiliate marketing. AzoogleAds is one of the best affiliate networks I ever worked with and I hope this will become my favorite CPA network soon.

I have many successful CPA campaigns on different affiliate networks but today let’s stick to AzoogleAds offers, traffic sources and profitable CPA campaigns which resulted in my first check from Azoogleads.

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Making Money with Affiliate Marketing – Getting started Guide

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing in simple words – You promote other company products and services and in return you get commission per sale or per lead.

It’s not necessary to promote only per sale commission offers. There are thousands of offers which converts (means you get commission) by filling simple online forms and signing up to advertiser services. If you are new at affiliate marketing, I suggest you start with lead generation offers initially. When you will get good idea of this affiliate marketing business you can start promoting offers which converts on sale.

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Top 10 web articles on making money online

I know many of you have dreamed to make lots of money this year. I wish this should not remain only as a dream. So here I am providing you a list of selective top articles on making money online from top money making blogs. I don’t want to overload you with lots of information. Short and sweet list, which you can READ, GRASP and IMPLEMENT, is what I want from this article.

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