Galaxy Golden Flip: Most Expensive Android Phone In India

Galaxy Golden Android Flip:

Phone Launch in India: Samsung electronics the world leader in digital market launched “The Galaxy Golden Flip “in the Indian market aiming at making lives easier for the users. Giving the users the dual screen  touch and type smartphone experience. With stunning design and finish the phone is very efficient. It comes in gold colour. This device colouring is known as champagne.

The Price

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India Joined Trillion Dollar Club

India joined the trillion dollar economy club this week. This is due to the strong value of rupee compared to Dollar.The other countries in this trillion dollar club are US, Japan, Germany, China, U.K,France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Brazil and Russia.

Windows Vista finally released

Microsoft has released Windows Vista and the 2007 Office System for consumers.Windows Vista with all its additional values and enhanced features is priced comparably with Windows XP