Best Laptops for College Students – Top 3 Choices

For college education laptops have become most essential along with textbooks. Students cannot do anything without laptops, be it for educational requirements or for entertainment purpose. Laptops are easy to carry like text books. Laptops are always helpful and become handy to finish a particular project in time. For extracurricular activities like watching movies, video chatting, listening music and gaming laptops are immensely helpful and fulfill the need of the students.

There are number of laptops available in the market today, but before choosing a laptop the students have to understand the specific requirement of their course, their college and university needs. Some colleges require specific operating system and particular software to be operated. The processor speed and graphics card must be compatible for the course the students have enrolled in. With the above requirements

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Best Small Laptop

There are so many laptop models to day in the market, choosing the best small laptop is not easy. When laptops first hit the market, they were so large and heavy, many who carried them slung across their backs complained of a backache at the end of the day. They were also so expensive that only the senior most executives were able to afford them. But over the years, they have dropped in size and become lighter.

The Secret of Their Popularity:
They have also become so much cheaper. A lighter and cheaper laptop means more people can buy them. Now we find even school students carrying them. Until couple of years ago, only a few models were available but that scene has

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How to Select the Best Laptop for the Least Price?

Best Laptop for the Least Price

Every day we read about scores of new laptops being launched. While this is good news for geeks, most of us are often left confounded by the plethora of choices. What is the guarantee that today’s shiny new toy will not become outdated even before you’ve opened the packaging? More importantly, how does one select the best laptop without having to break the bank?

Tips for Selecting the Best Laptop for the Least Price:

First things first…

Before we proceed any further, you need to ask yourself the most important

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Tips for Buying a New Laptop – Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Buying Guide

Buying a Laptop can be challenging especially if you are an amateur and not a computer geek when new laptop technology keeps hitting the market. It is an essential part of everyone’s life whether you are a student or a business traveller or a home user, when it comes to portability and performance. There is always a whole new generation of laptop technology releasing every two years or less and it can be mind boggling to an average person.

First and foremost you should keep one thing in mind if all the new technology is important for you and what all you really need in a

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How to Do Laptop Maintenance – Laptop Maintenance Tips

Laptop Maintenance Tips

We can’t do without computers, much that we would hate to admit but it is a fact that people from all age-groups, irrespective of their educational background are increasingly purchasing and using computers. When you go to purchase a computer, you mainly look out for either a desktop or a laptop.

Laptops are in craze these days because of a variety of reasons such as people having smaller accommodation, which means less space to fit in a desktop; though the main reason would be a laptop’s easy portability sans host of

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How to Get Better Graphics on Your Laptop

Get Better Graphics on Your Laptop

Performance is always an issue when it comes to visual clarity. With simple adjustments on the graphics card and other settings good performance can be delivered. These are the most important elements of the computer.

Tips for Better Graphic Performance on Laptop:

The graphic cards which have more memory, run more efficiently and all the games and applications work faster. Apart form installing the best video card, with few tweaks and

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11 Tricks to Improve Laptop Performance

Improve Laptop Performance

One can get really cranky and miffed when the laptop slows down to a snails pace and it takes ages to perform a task due to load times and slow processing.

Here are few tips to improve the laptop performance and boost the speed:

1) When laptop is booted many programs start automatically, get rid of these programs that are not necessary to run by going to Windows Task Manager. Click on “Process” tab and under the “Mem Usage” option click the ones which are to be closed.

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