How to Speed Up Computer – Some Useful Tips and Tools

Presently most of the people regularly use computer for different purposes because this gadget has become one of the main parts of our daily life. If you are a regular user of computer then you definitely face some computer problems daily and a slow down computer is one of them. Sometimes slow speed computer creates problems for us. There are many reasons, which make your computer slow.

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7 Best Gadgets for Your Kids

Kids of today have become more savvy compared to the adults. They want all the nifty and snazzy gadgets with them.
Gadgets for Your Kids

Here is the rundown on some of the best gadgets for your kids:

1) LeapFrog LeapPad Tablet

All the kids gravitate towards tablet but you don’t want to splurge on iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. Get them LeapFrog LeapPad tablet to keep them occupied

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Best Gifts to Buy this Christmas – Top Christmas Gift Ideas!

Gifts to buy this christmas 2011

Christmas is around the corner and everyone wants to spend a meaningful Christmas with friends and family. It is the festive time of the year when everyone is looking for the best things/gifts to buy this Christmas 2011. One needs to consider a lot of things to make it special and memorable.

Here are some of the best gifts to buy this Christmas 2011:

Christmas gifts for her:

There are several options if you want to get a perfect gift for the ladies. One can

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How to Select Best Desktop PC Configuration

Best Desktop PC Configuration

Nowadays desktop PC come with wide variety of options. To select the best desktop PC configuration one can go for the fixed configuration in the market or get the system customized with wide variety of choices and get the specification they want.

With so many options and possibilities, one needs to narrow the field and decide what is the main priority and consider what you want to use the desktop

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How to Send Fax Using Google Docs

Send fax using Google Docs

Sending and receiving fax is frequent in today’s business. Sometimes it is very inconvenient for the business firms which do not have a fax machine. One also might have to make use of fax center which is not at all an economical option.

Now, one can send the fax throughout Google Docs. The Interfax Service turns the Google Docs into a fax machine. One can fax the documents from any part of the world from the browser by just attaching the files and it will be faxed. All the activities and incoming and outgoing

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5 Best Internet Safety Tips – How to Surf Internet Safely

How to Surf Internet Safely

We can’t think our day without Internet these days. It is becoming a part of the items that we use every day like newspaper, telephone, television, mobile or car. Though the percentage of such people is relatively lower, nevertheless this amounts to millions of internet users. All these people might use net for a variety of reasons like studying, checking mail, communicating, shopping, playing games, banking, trading, publishing, watching movies

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Windows 8 Developer Preview Available for Download – Installation Guide

Windows 8 preview

I was pretty excited to hear that Microsoft has launched the Windows 8 – Microsoft’s next operating system as Developer Preview version. Though the bad news is that Microsoft’s Developer Preview version of Windows 8 is in its nascent stages and there are some pesky bugs. Yet users can go for downloading the preview if they want. The Windows 8 is not available as an update and requires a clean install. Nevertheless I was still curious and thought of installing it on my new Apple iPad.

Windows 8 System Requirements:

The system requirements of Windows 8 are 1 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM for 32-bit and 2 GB RAM for 64-bit, 16 GB free space for 32-bit and 20 GB for 64-bit,

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