10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Your New Blog

Wordpress Plugins

WordPress is the most common blogging platform. There are around 10k plugins available in the WordPress directory for extending the functionality. But it can be mind boggling when it comes to installing the best plugins out of so many. Here are top 10 must have WordPress plugins for your new blog to steer you in right direction.

1. Insights

Insights plugin brings a powerful way of writing posts. Any kind of information

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Ways to Optimize WordPress Database for High Performance

Wordpress DB optimization tools

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform which is used by most of the people. However, sometimes it can be excruciatingly slow due to several reasons. Here are few tips for optimizing WordPress that can make your WordPress blog speedy.

First of all define goals:
1) You can set various goals like decreasing page load time may be from 8 seconds to 2 seconds.
2) The speed of the site can be checked with various tools like Website Speed Test. There are various factors like internet connection or other fluctuations.

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Google, Yahoo, MSN sitemap generator WordPress plugin

Google sitemap generator for wordpress plugin let you create sitemap in specified path. This sitemap is compatible with the common Google, Yahoo sitemap protocol which they now agree to have a common protocol. The plugin installation and configuration is pretty simple.

One click import of full blogger blog to WordPress

If you are tired of Blogger platform and its limitations you will probably go for advanced and easy to use wordpress platform. Its very simple to import all your blogger post from blogger blog to self hosted wordpress blog. Here find it how.