How to Backup Your Computer Hard Drive Online

Backing up your data or entire hard drive is one of the most valuable maintenance task nowadays especially when the operating system is vulnerable to spyware or virus attacks.

Here is the list of tools, methods and options to back up your home computer

1. Comodo Backup

It efficiently copies the files and even keeps record of the changes made to the file. Some of the other features offered are scheduling. notification options and synchronization mode for real time backups. FTP destinations are supported and it can also burn DVD.

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Top 9 Latest Technology Gadgets in Year 2011

Latest Technology Gadgets in year 2011

Electronic gadgets and gizmos have been cherished by many people. People are getting more and more obsessed as new inventions and technologies have entered the market.

With Tablet and 3D revolution and latest cutting edge technologies rolling out it can be nerve racking task to make the best deal. 2011 looks pretty fruitful with a glut of mind boggling technology.

Let’s check out the latest technology inventions in year 2011.

1. Google Nexus 3

Google nexus is a speedy and a ravishing smart phone. A handset with five customizable home screens with backgrounds full of animation. It is one of the ionic consumer electronics listed at the top.

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5 Best Ways to Backup Your Gmail Account Emails Online or Offline

Gmail is perhaps one of the best services that is free and offers generous amount of storage. However, it is also prone to crashes and one should backup the contents of the Gmail account.

Here are some of the quick and handy ways to back up Gmail account emails

1. POP3 to a Mail Client

For Macs and PCs there are lot of free email clients like Mac Mail, Windows Live mail, Mozilla Thunderbird. All you have to do is enable pop in Gmail. Follow these steps
– Sign in to Gmail and go to settings, click the forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and then save changes
– Check the new messages by opening the mail client that has been configured for Gmail POP only provides communication from the server to the client, one way communication.

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Create friends group on Google SMS channel and Send SMS to your friends for free

Free SMS in IndiaRecently Google India team launched an interesting service called “Google SMS channel“.  Using Google SMS channel you can send SMS text messages to your friends for free. Even you can get SMS alerts on your mobile for news, cricket scores, Jokes, Job alerts and lot more, all for no cost! (Image credit: katielips)

How it works?
Create a group on Google SMS channel. Invite your friends to join this group by providing their mobile numbers. That’s it. You all can send SMS text messages to this group, which will reach to all registered phone numbers in your group. Isn’t it that simple?

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Top Online Money making scams

In today’s Internet world there is nothing hot than the Internet money making opportunities. Most of the people fails making money online or become the fraud target. quite few people enjoy the success in this Internet money making scams.

Windows Vista finally released

Microsoft has released Windows Vista and the 2007 Office System for consumers.Windows Vista with all its additional values and enhanced features is priced comparably with Windows XP