How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Facebook security

Nowadays, Facebook has become a part and parcel of our lives. Whether we check our email or not, whether we visit other social networks or not, if there is one things that each and every one of us constantly checks and updates, it is our Facebook presence. It would not be wrong to say that our Facebook

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How to Select Best Desktop PC Configuration

Best Desktop PC Configuration

Nowadays desktop PC come with wide variety of options. To select the best desktop PC configuration one can go for the fixed configuration in the market or get the system customized with wide variety of choices and get the specification they want.

With so many options and possibilities, one needs to narrow the field and decide what is the main priority and consider what you want to use the desktop

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How to Send Fax Using Google Docs

Send fax using Google Docs

Sending and receiving fax is frequent in today’s business. Sometimes it is very inconvenient for the business firms which do not have a fax machine. One also might have to make use of fax center which is not at all an economical option.

Now, one can send the fax throughout Google Docs. The Interfax Service turns the Google Docs into a fax machine. One can fax the documents from any part of the world from the browser by just attaching the files and it will be faxed. All the activities and incoming and outgoing

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5 Best Internet Safety Tips – How to Surf Internet Safely

How to Surf Internet Safely

We can’t think our day without Internet these days. It is becoming a part of the items that we use every day like newspaper, telephone, television, mobile or car. Though the percentage of such people is relatively lower, nevertheless this amounts to millions of internet users. All these people might use net for a variety of reasons like studying, checking mail, communicating, shopping, playing games, banking, trading, publishing, watching movies

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How to Select the Best Laptop for the Least Price?

Best Laptop for the Least Price

Every day we read about scores of new laptops being launched. While this is good news for geeks, most of us are often left confounded by the plethora of choices. What is the guarantee that today’s shiny new toy will not become outdated even before you’ve opened the packaging? More importantly, how does one select the best laptop without having to break the bank?

Tips for Selecting the Best Laptop for the Least Price:

First things first…

Before we proceed any further, you need to ask yourself the most important

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How to Improve Cell Phone Battery Life

Improve Cell Phone Battery Life

I got hold of my new LG Cookie and I was so happy until I noticed that it is switching off after barely half a day. Now I being a novice as far as technical matters concerned, I was really disappointed at the poor performance of the new mobile. Then I happened to talk to one of my gizmo-freak friend and he explained that it is a very common trait with most of the modern mobile phones.

There are no manufacturing faults whatsoever, it is just that these phones support a bunch of applications and one can run multiple applications at a time too, which drain out the energy from these batteries of multifunctional jazzy phones. The solution lies in taking note of the applications that are

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How to Fix Windows 7 OS When it Fails to Start

Fix Windows 7 OS

How to repair crashed windows 7 OS
Windows 7 is one of the best operating system by Microsoft. But however your Windows may fail sometime or it fails to start.

BIOS and hardware
If there is some problem then make sure to check the hardware and BIOS. Your BIOS might be set with an incorrect boot order sequence. BIOS might get reset if

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10 Tips to Write Amazing Blog Articles to Attract More Readers

Attract More Readers

Getting more traffic on a blog is every blogger’s concern. Attracting more readers can sometimes be difficult especially when so many people want to achieve the same thing at the same time. You might be posting regularly with good content but still you not getting more traffic. It is important to get noticed in the online world.

Here are few tips to write amazing blog articles to attract more readers and get the traffic soaring:

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How to Get Better Graphics on Your Laptop

Get Better Graphics on Your Laptop

Performance is always an issue when it comes to visual clarity. With simple adjustments on the graphics card and other settings good performance can be delivered. These are the most important elements of the computer.

Tips for Better Graphic Performance on Laptop:

The graphic cards which have more memory, run more efficiently and all the games and applications work faster. Apart form installing the best video card, with few tweaks and

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