Wireless Internet Providers In USA – Top 5 Companies

Nowadays there are many companies are providing Wireless Internet facilities in the United States of America.

Most of them offer the best quality services at affordable rate. Presently customers have a long list of different options to choose the right Internet Service Provider and they can choose any one of them according to your requirement. 

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4 Best Mobile Broadband Service Providers in US

Mobile Broadband Service Providers in USA

You spend your hard earned-cash to access the mobile broadband networks to use either 3G cell phone, PDA/smartphone, laptop computer with a PC card or laptop computer using a cell phone as a modem. There are four best mobile broadband service providers in United States for connecting to a 3G network:

Best Wireless Broadband Providers in America

1. AT&T Wireless Broadband:

AT&T Wireless Broadband

AT&T which claims to be the nation’s fastest 3G network, gives plans with 5 GB

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Top 5 Broadband Service Providers in India – Comparison

Broadband India

Broadband is a telecommunication technology that gives access to internet related services. The connection is accessed through satellite, cable line and with phone line. It is probably the best means of high speed data transfer. These broadband connections are provided by Internet Service Providers.

Types of Broadband Connection:
1)  Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a technology for distributing broadband above phone line.
2) ADSL broadband: Asymmetric digital subscriber line is a technology parallel to the DSL technology.

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Broadband Data Card Prices in India – Internet Providers Review

Broadband data cards prices India

Broadband Data Cards in India – Tata Docomo, Vodafone 3G, Reliance NetConnect, IDEA NetSetter, TATA Photon Plus, Airtel 3G Internet cards

Internet is now a part and parcel of everyday life. Data cards are being used by many people these days that help you get connected anywhere and anytime, giving you the freedom of movement. Data cards can be used in both desktops and laptops. There are numerous service providers. Here are few of them with their data packages and plans.

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Create friends group on Google SMS channel and Send SMS to your friends for free

Free SMS in IndiaRecently Google India team launched an interesting service called “Google SMS channel“.  Using Google SMS channel you can send SMS text messages to your friends for free. Even you can get SMS alerts on your mobile for news, cricket scores, Jokes, Job alerts and lot more, all for no cost! (Image credit: katielips)

How it works?
Create a group on Google SMS channel. Invite your friends to join this group by providing their mobile numbers. That’s it. You all can send SMS text messages to this group, which will reach to all registered phone numbers in your group. Isn’t it that simple?

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How to use a single Gmail account and have multiple email addresses with it

Multiple gmail ids with single email addressIf you don’t know about this then it might be great Gmail tip for you. You can use single Gmail account with multiple email addresses pointing to single email address.  So you can use multiple email addresses associated with single Gmail address using different aliases.

Here is how:
Let’s say your Gmail email address is: yourusername@gmail.com
You can use this email address with following combinations:

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