A complete guide: How to make your post attractive using images

How to engage users in your content? Obviously killer content comes first. But if your post looks attractive then user will get more engaged till end of the post. This post basically focusing on Where to find the images? How to capture and enhance images from different tools like SnagIt tool? How and where to embed images in your post?

Ways to Optimize WordPress Database for High Performance

Wordpress DB optimization tools

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform which is used by most of the people. However, sometimes it can be excruciatingly slow due to several reasons. Here are few tips for optimizing WordPress that can make your WordPress blog speedy.

First of all define goals:
1) You can set various goals like decreasing page load time may be from 8 seconds to 2 seconds.
2) The speed of the site can be checked with various tools like Website Speed Test. There are various factors like internet connection or other fluctuations.

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25 Best Web Design Practices – How to Make Your Website Stand Out From the Crowd

You might have a complete business model and the perfect plan. But business can’t run without a website. However, designing a website can be a Herculean task!

Here are some of the best web design practices that can make your website unique from all the others. Make sure to keep it subtle, witty and captivating at the same time for the visitors.

25 Best Web Design Practices:

1. First and foremost make sure your website displays properly on the popular versions of IE(7+), Firefox(3+), Opera(9+), Safari(Mac and Windows) to provide tousle free access.

2. Navigation links should be clearly and consistently labeled. Make use of navigation aids such as site map, skip navigation link etc.

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Top 10 basic SEO Tips to build high traffic web site

Webmasters are hiring the SEO companies by paying thousands of dollars to optimize their sites for search engines and to get traffic from giants like Google, Yahoo and MSN. This is not possible for all webmasters. If you keep track of following basic SEO tips you can save these dollars and can achieve almost same final effect.