Internet Speed Boosters – Some Best Tips and Tools for Boosting Internet Speed

Internet is one of the main parts of our work. You cannot do any work without Internet because this is the base of all official work. Sometimes we face the problem of slow Internet and there are many ways to improve the speed of your Internet. 

Internet speed boosters – Some Best Tips and Tools for Boosting Internet Speed

Some useful tips are given below to speed up Internet:

1) First of all you need to know about the actual speed of the Internet which the company provides you. Then compare it with your ongoing speed.

2) Now inquire from the company by phone and try to know about the actual reason of the slow speed of the Internet. Try to know does it need some upgrade.

3) Try to use always-master telephone socket for broadband router.

4) Always alert about your Anti Virus Software it should  be updated time to time. Some unexpected Viruses are also one of the main causes of slow down your Internet connection.

5)   If you use the Wi-Fi then be sure about its password. It should be protected.

6)   Make sure you are using the internet for downloading stuffs within your limitation because if it will exceed then your quota then  internet will automatically slow down. Try to use Internet not more than your monthly allowance.

7)   If you are the regular user of Laptop and you have the wireless connection at your home then try to use it in other room. You can also use the cable at the place of router.

8)   Sometimes the slow internet can be the result of irregular maintenance of your PC because it effects the speed of the internet. Lack of regular maintenance your computer  gives the result slow internet performance. At present there are many tools available to do the same. So if you want to a super speed Internet facility then take care of your computer time to time.

Some useful tools to boosting Internet speed are given below:

1)  Free Net Speed Booster

Internet speed booster

With the use of the same tool you can detect bad routers. This is very useful because it always gives the full security to your connection and it provides the safety from automatic disconnection. It gives the full protection from SYN Flood attack and ICMP redirect attack. It has many more features such as Optimize Configuration of the register of Windows,  Configure Buffer IRQ for PCI cards, Configure Cache Cable e ADSL Speed. Get the same booster here.

2)  Internet Speed Booster:

Internet speed booster

Internet Speed booster is so useful to speed up your Internet connection. Internet Speed Booster gives the full satisfaction of the utilization of the full memory. With the help of the same you can easily change your windows setting. The Speed booster has a variety of different settings such as Wizard mood, Advanced mode, and Backup manager. The option System in Ram Booster provides the facility of the monitor of your system resources. Speed Booster optimizes the way, which type of your PC send and receive the data through the Internet. In this way, this is one of the best and easy options to improve the speed up your computer.

3)   Free Download Manager:

Internet speed booster

This is a open source application. This application provides the facility of download the files easily. Free Download Manager supports many files such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and BitTorrent protocols. This program includes simple tool-bar. This tool bar has various tabs and this has many sections such as 4 to 5. Three of them are more important than other and it includes quick access to settings, establish a dial-up connection. It also manages FDM Menus. If you are going to run this program for the first time then it is necessary to know about the all rules and regulation of it which will help you to manage your downloads. Apart from these this application offers a lot of facilities such as control the program remotely, change the interface language and many more others.

4)   Internet Cyclone

Internet speed booster

This is a small but very useful tool. With the use of this tool you can easily change your network settings. This application facilitate various useful connection types such as DSL,  Cable, LAN, ISDN and others. This program provides various settings according to categories this will be start to work automatically when you will select the setting. Even though you can choose any customization method but it is necessary to make manually setting. This tool also provides some extra setting such as VCache optimization and ComBuffer. Both settings are easily available with full version through the Internet Cyclone. It has many enabling and disabling options such as Max DupAcks, SlowNet and SACK. Even though it has many facilities but apart from this, the price of Internet Cyclone’s is little bit more but that’s not a problem you will pay little more but will get a useful thing.

5)   OSS Internet Speed Booster v.

This is another a very useful tool which can boost the speed of your computer easily. It is also useful to maintain the quality of your PC. This application has 3 main utilities. It prevents your computer from the frequently disconnection. It is also very helpful for your system also. With the help of this tool, you can get easily physical RAM in free of cost. Overall this is one of the best options to increase the speed of Internet.

6)   AFC Internet Speed v.1.0

This is really an amazing website. It is very easy to install and use both. Its provides the full facility to upload any file even create a pop up window easily with this application. This is a simple but so beneficial tool to increase the speed of Internet.

7) Absolute Futurity SpeedTestPro:

This is also a beneficial program for your PC. With the help of this application you can easily test the speed up your Internet and PC. With this application you can get the real speed of your computer and PC through the graphs and  the other samples. It is also helpful to test your CPU, Disk Right,  Memory and Drives. After get the the registration you will be able to check the Pagefile, Single Process and Process.

In this way we could know about the some useful Speed Booster Tools. With the help of the above Tools you can easily check the speed up your PC and CPU. Above Tips are also useful to increase the Internet connection you only need to follow those properly.

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