How to Send Fax Using Google Docs

Send fax using Google Docs

Sending and receiving fax is frequent in today’s business. Sometimes it is very inconvenient for the business firms which do not have a fax machine. One also might have to make use of fax center which is not at all an economical option.

Now, one can send the fax throughout Google Docs. The Interfax Service turns the Google Docs into a fax machine. One can fax the documents from any part of the world from the browser by just attaching the files and it will be faxed. All the activities and incoming and outgoing

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Hard Disk Data Recovery Tips, HDD Data Recovery Tools

Hard Disk Data Recovery tools

A hard disk drive crash is always a frustrating and paralyzing experience for most of the people. You had uploaded one of your office project files yesterday and had worked for six hours previous night and then suddenly you see an error message which says that all your hard work is gone.

All that dwindled into nothingness leaving you shocked and angry. There might be days work which you were about to back up but just didn’t find enough time.

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Top 10 Sites for Free Music Downloads

Music is the part and parcel of many people’s life. Nothing can beat listening to your favorite music to mellow your mood and calm the nerves. There are several music portals from where free music can be downloaded.

Here are top 10 sites for free music downloads


mp3 music


This music website is by CNET networks that contains plethora of information

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Best Web Tools, Online Applications for College Students

Online Applications for College Students

There are several web tools and applications for college students to help them perform better, help them in their studies and are useful in daily activities. This way it will increase their productivity and give them more time to do their best.

Here are some of the best web applications for college students


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How to Fix Windows 7 OS When it Fails to Start

Fix Windows 7 OS

How to repair crashed windows 7 OS
Windows 7 is one of the best operating system by Microsoft. But however your Windows may fail sometime or it fails to start.

BIOS and hardware
If there is some problem then make sure to check the hardware and BIOS. Your BIOS might be set with an incorrect boot order sequence. BIOS might get reset if

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Best Video Players for iPhone 4

Video Players for iPhone 4

There are several video players for iPhone 4 when it comes to watching TV sitcoms or movies in different formats. Here are some of the best video players for iPhone 4.

Video Players for iPhone 4

1) AVPlayer

This is an easy to use video player where no conversion of files is required. AVPlayer can be used to

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Top 10 Chrome Extensions You Must Use

best chrome extensions

Google Chrome is touted as the fastest browser in the world. It comes with lot of applications for free for the webmasters as well as normal users. It has already outshined other popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Google Chrome extensions are just like add-on in Firefox.

Here are some of the top 10 chrome extensions one should use

1. Shareaholic

Social Media has become a part and parcel of our life. It has got everything with a drop down menu

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