Four Things I Don’t Like About Google Buzz

Google Buzz created a quick buzz in the blogosphere, but in this quick start-up process they introduced some serious privacy flaws.

What are these features (Flaws) in Google Buzz I really don’t like:

1) The Auto-follow feature
2) My following and followers list is visible to others
3) By default my private Picasa albums is visible to strangers
4) Anyone whom I don’t know can see my email address by default

Let’s talk one by one on these flaws:

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Simple tips from Google search team to boost your site ranking

Recently Google search team shared some useful SEO tips for boosting the site ranking in Google search results and for easy crawling of your site pages from Google crawler.

But avoid using tricks to manipulate results in Google search ranking. No need of black hat SEO techniques if you follow some simple steps. Below are few simple tips, any person unfamiliar with SEO techniques can implement on site for better search engine ranking.

10 Simple and Effective Tips for Improving Search Engine Ranking:

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What you can do to ensure your Adsense account won’t be disabled

Managing Google Adsense account is very tricky. Single silly mistake can result in your Adsense account termination from Google and your site will get banned from Adsense for lifetime. To avoid this you just need to pay little attention to changing Adsense policies. Here is collection of all Adsense policies, tips and tricks to avoid any click fraud or generating invalid clicks or impressions.

Google, Yahoo, MSN sitemap generator WordPress plugin

Google sitemap generator for wordpress plugin let you create sitemap in specified path. This sitemap is compatible with the common Google, Yahoo sitemap protocol which they now agree to have a common protocol. The plugin installation and configuration is pretty simple.