Apple Siri on iPhone 4S

Apple Siri app

The new iPhone 4S boasts of the voice recognition application Siri. Siri is one of the most top notch and high end features of Apple iPhone 4S. Apple had a voice control feature before also but Siri gives directions and answers all kinds of questions and is loads of fun.

It will be your personal assistant talking to you in your natural language. You just need to ask and all your things will be done.

Other than scheduling your meetings, sending messages, making calls and setting reminders you can also check the weather. It will answer all the other questions like “Do I need a sweeter today?” or “Where do I get good food?”. This built in application works worldwide with services and applications like stocks, web search, notes, FaceTime, alarms, music, mail, location based reminders and Wikipedia search.

If you ask for the local mexican joint then various suggestions are offered by Siri and it will also show the rankings. It will respond to all insults, jokes and other queries.

Apple Siri app

However Siri will be only working on iPhone 4S and won’t be supporting older versions soon. The voice controlled personal assistant, Siri has really left many people spellbound . As it is a computer it will not understand your words if you stutter or speak quickly.

Just say, “Tell Amy we will catch up later for a coffee”. It will browse through your contacts and your words will be transcribed and composed into a text message. It can also be put in the calendar.

Siri can be used in any language, English, German or French. Some of the additional languages that will be supported by Siri in 2012 are Chinese, Spanish, Italian and Korean.

Though it will be able to respond to few dialects and accents of some countries. All the UK users are enjoying Siri and going gaga. However, people say it might be one of the standout feature of iPhone 4S but still it is only impressive and not perfect. When it comes to buying, one should not rush and rather watt for the upgrade.

Apple Siri Demo

The Apple iPhone 4S is equipped with same specifications, design, construction and looks. Other than similar exterior it boasts of an upgraded processor and a better camera. With the incorporation of iOS5 more than 200 features are offered though many are now available in previous versions.