Tips to Keep Your Mobile Safe From Virus and Malware

As the technology is advancing and more and more snazzy features rolling out, more and more viruses and Malware also getting tagged along. People these days use Blackberry, iPhone, Android phones and PDA devices to access Internet via the terminals and are more vulnerable to such attacks leading to a lot of risks and hazards just like PC.

Some of the risks caused by Malware and viruses are that they empty the battery in seconds, your files might not get saved or become invisible or even deleted, your private information might get leaked. Many bugs spread from phone to phone via MMS or bluetooth.

Here are few tips to keep your mobile safe from virus and Malware:

1) Get the mobile antivirus software and avoid Trojan or virus. Some of them are Kaspersky Mobile Security 8.0, Eset Mobile Antivirus, Norton Smartphone Security for Windows Mobile and Symbian. This will help you protect your phone from worms, adware, SMS spam, viruses, Trojans and other Malware.

2) Use your phone built-in security features. Make use of PIN and password settings so that you can keep your phone and even sim locked and secure.

3) Back up your data, all your contacts and documents and synchronize regularly.

4) Never download third-party applications. Especially Smartphone come with numerous coolest snazzy software applications. Be careful and download only from reputable sources.

5) Keep your bluetooth off or manual so that your device is not discoverable. So that your device is not broadcasting itself to all the devices 10 metros around you. You really don’t want some Malware automatically getting installed on your phone.

6) Also, do not insert any foreign memory card because it might be already infected.

7) Do not open mails and photos or a message from unknown people. SMS has become a transmission device for Malware, bugs and viruses.

Hence follow these guidelines and protect your mobile phones from Malware and prevent it form getting hacked. Safe phone techniques will help you go a long way and enjoy every bit of it.

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