How to use a single Gmail account and have multiple email addresses with it

Multiple gmail ids with single email addressIf you don’t know about this then it might be great Gmail tip for you. You can use single Gmail account with multiple email addresses pointing to single email address.  So you can use multiple email addresses associated with single Gmail address using different aliases.

Here is how:
Let’s say your Gmail email address is:
You can use this email address with following combinations:
or even as:

How this is possible?
Google allows only one registration for any user name. When you register a username, any addition of dot with this username is unavailable for other user to register.

Say if you register Gmail account as then no other user can create same Gmail address with same username with any addition of dot, like john.smith@gmail will become unavailable for others to register.

Thus adding or removing dots from any Gmail address won’t change the destination address. All emails with dot will be delivered to single email address.

In short, Google don’t differentiate between your username with dots and without dots. All id’s will be treated as a single email address.

Try this out with your email address. Add any number of dots to your Gmail address and send a test mail with this id. See who gets the email.

Moreover you can use ‘+’ sign to add variations to your email address. Anything after + will be ignored while sending email to destination address.

E.g message sent to will be received by only. So you can use this email address with your website domain name as: and this will be delivered to

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Isn’t it interesting?

10 thoughts on “How to use a single Gmail account and have multiple email addresses with it”

  1. yes, Google doesn’t distinguish for any dot any email. It is ignored while sending message.
    btw, use of + is very cool. we can block spammers by this technique.

  2. hey i had heard of this.. its a simple good idea… coz just in case someones types ur email-id with these characters my mistake…it still reaches u :)

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