Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Handset

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

Samsung has finally announced that the carriers in US will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S II almost after 3 months of European availability.

Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Handset does not have a slide out hardware keyboard. The difference between the Sprint’s Galaxy S II Epic 4G and the European SGSII is the screen size. It is equipped with 4.52 inch Super Amoled screen with resolution of only 800*480. The AT&T and other versions come with 4.3 inch display

The Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch Handset sports four capacitive

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Sony Tablet PC – Sony S1 and Sony S2 Dual-screen Honeycomb Tablets Price and Review

Sony S1 and Sony S2 tablets

Sony is one of the leading companies and the most recognizable brand today.  Sony Computer Entertainment has announced the release of two new tablets names Sony S1 and Sony S2. Sony S1 is said to compete iPad.

The two new tablets are different. The larger one which is named S1 is equipped with 9.4 inch screen and is rectangular. The second tablet S2 is equipped with 5.5 inch screen and is foldable so it will fit in your bag. It is a dual screen tablet

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How to Select Best Memory Card for Digital Cameras

Memory Card for Digital Cameras

Thousands of memory cards are being manufactured in the market by various companies. Memory cards are used in computers, laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras and many other electronic devices.

Memory cards come in variety of options and there are different speed classes and storage capacities. It is important to use the right memory card for your digital camera and choose the right capacity. For the cameras on should

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Best External Hard Drives for Windows XP and Windows 7

External Hard Drives

It is needless to mention how important it is to maintain a back up of your work files, account files and miscellanea. One hard disk crash can destroy years of hard work and can cause unthinkable loss to not just a single person but a whole bunch of people. Many of you can think that it’s something like a difficult chore but when it comes to your hard work or your favorite digital photos, mp3s and films, taking a back up is the best option.

External hard drives are the best bet when it comes to take large back ups. There are a wide range of external hard drives available in market

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How to Improve Cell Phone Battery Life

Improve Cell Phone Battery Life

I got hold of my new LG Cookie and I was so happy until I noticed that it is switching off after barely half a day. Now I being a novice as far as technical matters concerned, I was really disappointed at the poor performance of the new mobile. Then I happened to talk to one of my gizmo-freak friend and he explained that it is a very common trait with most of the modern mobile phones.

There are no manufacturing faults whatsoever, it is just that these phones support a bunch of applications and one can run multiple applications at a time too, which drain out the energy from these batteries of multifunctional jazzy phones. The solution lies in taking note of the applications that are

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How to Create Effective Sales Pages for Affiliate Marketing

create affiliate marketing pages

For accelerating the sales of the product one needs an attractive and catchy sales page. Many people visit a website and they shut it immediately as it could not grab their attention and looks unprofessional appearing to be just a sham. Your website is like your sales agent and you have few seconds only to make the first impression in the online world. It is very important to design the sales page that attracts the target market and also increases the conversions.

Tips to create sales/affiliate marketing pages:


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4 Free and Traditional Ways (that works) to Promote Your Website for More Traffic

Promote Your Website

So you own a blog. Now you are looking for some new and quality ways to promote your blog. It doesn’t matter whether you own a business or you are just an artist, a writer, whatever. You just want a fixed number of audiences for your website, because whatever you are selling or writing is going to make it big in the market only when you have an unflagging bunch of readers who can turn into raging fans or potential buyers in the long run. The end point is that you are seeking to position yourself ahead of others in the search engines.

Here I give you some important tips to promote your website or blog:

1) Submit your blog to directories as it is always beneficial to be listed in

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Top 6 Digital Cameras for Kids – Best Camera For Your Child

digital camera for kids

Digital cameras have become a ubiquitous accessory for kids these days especially with the flurry of digital cameras for kids in the market.  With the advent of newer and newer technology manufacturers have been crafting better digital cameras giving myriad of options for even toddlers and school going kids.

Here are Some of the Best Digital Camera Picks for Children:

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Top 15 Free iPad Games

So, you have an iPad or the new iPad 2 and you need to get free games from the application store that has plethora of games.

Here the some of the free ipad games with great quality giving unlimited entertainment and fun.

1. MetalStorm (Online)

MetalStorm ipad games

MetalStorm is a great multi-player game with good quality production and perfect controls. It has been rated 4.5 stars by more than 16,000 users. The gameplay is exciting and you will be riveted to accessing more tools and weapons.

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