How to Improve Cell Phone Battery Life

Improve Cell Phone Battery Life

I got hold of my new LG Cookie and I was so happy until I noticed that it is switching off after barely half a day. Now I being a novice as far as technical matters concerned, I was really disappointed at the poor performance of the new mobile. Then I happened to talk to one of my gizmo-freak friend and he explained that it is a very common trait with most of the modern mobile phones.

There are no manufacturing faults whatsoever, it is just that these phones support a bunch of applications and one can run multiple applications at a time too, which drain out the energy from these batteries of multifunctional jazzy phones. The solution lies in taking note of the applications that are unnecessarily running on your cell, sometimes much to your forgetfulness or ignorance. Technically speaking, all these applications are power hungry and suck up the battery power more rapidly.

It is always good to remember to turn off as many applications as you can when you are really not using them.  What else can you do? Let’s take a look at some of the easy tips to sustain its power longer and also the lifespan:

 How to Improve Cell Phone Battery Life

1. Don’t forget to turn off Bluetooth – Many people don’t know that the Bluetooth consumes more power than any other application and keep it on. Result – you have barely used the phone for few hours and it starts showing low battery. Remember to turn off the deadly Bluetooth when you are not using it.

2. Fancy keypad tones – Who needs to hear a sound when you type, certainly not the grown ups. It is more of a kiddish feature and full blown adults don’t need it at all. But then again if you are ignorant about the fact that you can turn these silly noises and keep them on, then again much of your battery power is draining out. So avoid this and you’ll be happier with your battery performance.

3. No need for vibration too – Vibration is necessary at situations where you need to be connected with people but cannot keep the cell on loud. Places like meeting rooms, picture halls and hospitals. Other than this, you got to disable this power hungry feature.

3. Lower the brightness – Some power is lost by too bright a screen, so remember to reduce the brightness of cell screen; if you don’t want to recharge it very soon.

4. Switch off applications when not in use – Please remember to see if any application is running without your knowledge. This you can do by long pressing the menu button.

5. Games create nuisance – Games can be a good time pass for children and adults alike but just remember that they eat up the energy and leaves you empty every now and then.

6. You can choose to turn off your phone when possible – This works for sure though it may not be a very good idea but if you cannot avoid other things such as not playing games etc. you can opt to switch it off for few hours a day.

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