11 Tricks to Improve Laptop Performance

Improve Laptop Performance

One can get really cranky and miffed when the laptop slows down to a snails pace and it takes ages to perform a task due to load times and slow processing.

Here are few tips to improve the laptop performance and boost the speed:

1) When laptop is booted many programs start automatically, get rid of these programs that are not necessary to run by going to Windows Task Manager. Click on “Process” tab and under the “Mem Usage” option click the ones which are to be closed.

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How to Access Blocked Websites Like Orkut and Facebook at Work

Access Blocked Websites at work

Many people face problems when various networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, Hi5, etc are blocked in their workplace or college. This causes great inconvenience when there is no access to these sites.

Tips and tools to access blocked sites at work location:

1. IP Address instead of Domain Name
Many blocked sites are stored as a URL list e.g. www.yahoo.com, www.download.com. So you can try typing IP instead of URL, this works many times. One can run the ping domain.com command in command prompt and mac users can use terminal. You will be able to return the IP address.

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How to Backup Your Computer Hard Drive Online

Backing up your data or entire hard drive is one of the most valuable maintenance task nowadays especially when the operating system is vulnerable to spyware or virus attacks.

Here is the list of tools, methods and options to back up your home computer

1. Comodo Backup

It efficiently copies the files and even keeps record of the changes made to the file. Some of the other features offered are scheduling. notification options and synchronization mode for real time backups. FTP destinations are supported and it can also burn DVD.

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Tips to Get More Sales From Existing Customers

Remember you might be in constant hunt of new and new customers but your existing customers are your loyal customers who know you well and are right under your nose. Never overlook sales that one can get from the existing customers who have purchased something from you. You will get more business from the existing customers than purchasing on the new ones.

If you are not following your key customers you will be losing a lot of profit. You have already put in time and money in getting new customers and established credibility and cultivated a good relationship the very first time. So do not let them go.

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5 Best Ways to Backup Your Gmail Account Emails Online or Offline

Gmail is perhaps one of the best services that is free and offers generous amount of storage. However, it is also prone to crashes and one should backup the contents of the Gmail account.

Here are some of the quick and handy ways to back up Gmail account emails

1. POP3 to a Mail Client

For Macs and PCs there are lot of free email clients like Mac Mail, Windows Live mail, Mozilla Thunderbird. All you have to do is enable pop in Gmail. Follow these steps
– Sign in to Gmail and go to settings, click the forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and then save changes
– Check the new messages by opening the mail client that has been configured for Gmail POP only provides communication from the server to the client, one way communication.

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Tips for Buying a Digital Camera

Digital cameras are available in various shapes sizes and price ranges. It is required to weigh all the options before buying a digital camera and concede the make, model and manufacturer.

Before buying a digital camera make sure you determine what you need, your budget, type of photography, what experience you have, portability and size, features, etc.

Here are some tips/guidelines for buying a camera that should meet your requirements, budget and the image quality.

1. Megapixel

Firstly select a camera depending on the print size. If you need 8*10 inch prints then 4MP or even a 3MP will do a good job. If you want to make16*20 inch prints you will need 8MP camera. For web posting or email even a 2MP camera is sufficient. Mega pixels do not correspond to the quality, only image size. Megapixel come into play only when you are printing shots.

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How to Write Short But Effective Tweets on Twitter

Twitter has now surpassed most of the social networking sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg and Delicious and is the most ultimate tool for link exchanging and many people use it as a part of they’re marketing plan. Here are few guidelines for writing impressive tweets and say more in just 140 characters that will bring you more traffic.

1. Always think before tweeting if it is really valuable and worth it before you get into a heated argument or end up publishing useless comment. Your audience will appreciate it.

2. Make use of the engaging catchy headlines. Craft your message elegantly in such a way theta you are selling the headline.

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Tools and Website That Allows You to Edit PDF Files Online for Free

Tools and website that allows you to edit PDF files online for free  PDF (Portable Document Format) file is a standard format for the documents and is probably the most convenient one created by Adobe. PDF tools are very handy when you have to deal with PDF files.

There are many tools available for editing the documents but one has to download and install it which is very time consuming. Here are few tools and websites for editing PDF files online for free.

1. FillAnyPDF

It is a website for editing PDF files online and one can also link with other people. No software is required and has additional features like fill out forms, sign documents, share and edit forms, highlighting, printing, etc. Files can be emailed, printed, faxed or exported.

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How to use a single Gmail account and have multiple email addresses with it

Multiple gmail ids with single email addressIf you don’t know about this then it might be great Gmail tip for you. You can use single Gmail account with multiple email addresses pointing to single email address.¬† So you can use multiple email addresses associated with single Gmail address using different aliases.

Here is how:
Let’s say your Gmail email address is: yourusername@gmail.com
You can use this email address with following combinations:

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