Hard Disk Data Recovery Tips, HDD Data Recovery Tools

Hard Disk Data Recovery tools

A hard disk drive crash is always a frustrating and paralyzing experience for most of the people. You had uploaded one of your office project files yesterday and had worked for six hours previous night and then suddenly you see an error message which says that all your hard work is gone.

All that dwindled into nothingness leaving you shocked and angry. There might be days work which you were about to back up but just didn’t find enough time. And there might be other things, the latest flick you downloaded through torrent over 2-3 days. All that is gone!

After sitting dazed for a couple of hours, you spring into action and ask your friends or post a query online from a café to recover data from your crashed hard drive.

Don’t panic, here’s the help! If you ever happen to face such a situation, take a deep breath and make use of one or more of the following tips to recover your data:

Hard Disk Data Recovery Tips:

1. If the drive has suffered a physical failure, there is a chance of around 44% of your entire data being lost. In such an event, the first thing you should do is to shut your system without delay. Just unplug the system and don’t bother to even go for a proper shutdown process.

However there is still some chance left if you are seeing one of the warning signs like a blue screen, or starting extremely slowly or refuse to start up at all, or showing various error messages. In such cases, take a backup of the data that needs to be done again from scratch instead of the program files.

2. Before you go for any costly or even reasonable data recovery software, you can try this. Put up the damaged hard drive as an outer device to some other computer. Then try to copy data to the new machine.

3. Whatever the reason is, data lost due to logical or physical errors, the best option is to go for data recovery software. You are okay with purchasing a software but you might want to use it yourself to get back your data, which is not advisable as you may not have sufficient technical knowledge. Mishandling of such software can further aggravate data loss. So the best bet would be to contact a data recovery professional.

4. While choosing software, make sure of not touching anything very cheap as these software come with limited capability. The vendor must also not give you any such software which overwrites the damaged disk. In that case, you would lose all such data which might have been recovered otherwise.

6. It is not very easy to locate quality hard disk data recovery free tools. Most of the free download versions offer just a free evaluation of the software and a preview of all the lost files and folder that the software can recover. So make sure to select a free data recovery tool which offers maximum data recovery.

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