What you need to know about outgoing links? from SEO perspective

What is the effect of outgoing links from your blog on page ranking? Well there was not any big effect in past but recently all major search engines are taking this seriously. A link from other site to your site is considered as vote for you. The simple rule was if the site linking to you is relevant and having more page rank than you, then you have certainly a good advantage of this link. Most of the webmasters were relying on reciprocal links till now. But now reciprocal links will not have any plus effect on blog ranking.

Webmasters are trying hard to get the links by any way. Concept of “Bad neighbors”, “Link Spam”, is more common and search engines also realized the need to tighten the rules in order to meet the quality of their ranking algorithm.

So what changes the search engines will take seriously now?

Bad Neighbors:
Irrelevant links than your site theme is waste of time now. If your blog is dealing with software content and you are linking to some hotel sites then those are definitely bad neighbors. This rule applies to 3 way link exchange also.

Reciprocal links:
As I mentioned earlier, 1 way back links are the most influencing and genuine way to boost the page rank. If you are getting backlink from relevant site with good keywords in anchor text them this is considered as vote for your site. If you are getting a backlink from a site and also linking from your site to that site then you will not gain any vote unless and until the site to which you are linking is having higher page rank than you.

Effect of one-way outgoing link:
If you are dealing with some business and if you link to other site related to your business, Is it a good way? Certainly not from pure SEO perspective. If you are not getting any backlink or vote from such sites then its waste of time and also you will loose your votes. Best way is link to those site with “nofollow” tag.

The webmasters knowing too much about SEO are gaining the advantages of these loop holes in Search Engine ranking, That why many search engines are making some rules those will be fair to all webmasters and Quality content will always rank high.

What you need to concentrate on, besides your content?
Good Content is the best way to build the links. So if you want to rank high for a keyword phrase say “Link building” then you need to build great content having keywords related to ‘link building’ in your article AND you must have some vote from relevant sites having anchor text ‘Link building’. Then only you will be able to rank high for your keywords or phrases in search engines.

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