9 sure-fire ways to get your blog indexed by Google

Before submitting your site to Google for indexing make sure you have cleaned up it. KnowGoogle Index what cleaning up means.

Google is the main source of traffic for most of the web pages. To get more traffic to your site you need to pay little attention to some basic SEO. If you want to get indexed by Google welcome the Google Crawler guest after you clean up your site.

Here is what Google suggest for quick indexing of your pages:

1) Make sure all links are working:
There should not be any 404 page not found error on your site. Make sure all your internal pages can be navigated and they are interlinked to each other.

2) Make use of TITLE tag on all pages:

‘Title tag’ is what most important for surfers as well as crawlers. While indexing your page in Google your page title will be seen in search results and surfer can easily know what the page is about. Don’t stuff too many keywords in title tag. Make it a readable sentence.

3) Make use of META tags:
If your site rely on code navigation like java script then it is difficult to Google crawler to know the theme of your page. In this case GoogleBot may rely on Description META tag. Make sure that you are using at least Description and keywords META tags on home page.

4) Make use of ALT tags:
If you are using too much of graphics on your pages than content then make sure you are using ALT tags for every image graphic. ALT tags describes what the images are about and ultimately what the page is about.

5) If you have flash pages make sure to provide text link from this page:
You can make it difficult to crawl your site if you have a flash movie home page. Google doesn’t index flash pages. Best way to index your pages in this case is to provide a text link to your site heart pages. Text link like “Skip this movie” or “Next page” which should link to further content pages.

6) Don’t use FRAMES in pages:
Google doesn’t index the pages having FRAMES. If you are using frames in your pages make sure alternative way for Google crawler to index your pages using NOFRAME tag.

7) If possible do not use Dynamic pages:
Google limits the indexing of dynamic pages. Check is it really necessary to use dynamic pages on your web site.

8 ) Frequency of updating Content:
How often you update your content? Google loves fresh content. So chances are high to get index your pages quickly in Google if you are updating them frequently with good content.

9) Use robots.txt file:
Guide the Google crawler about your pages using robots.txt file. You can read more details on robots.txt file here.

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