Top 5 tips for getting backlinks to your websites

I did a R&D for some days that how the things will work to get the back links to some of my project. I got answers to some of my questions , I mean got success for some tricks and some were a failure.

So just a quick note on which things worked for me, might work for you also.

Top 5 things to get back links to your website:
1)Write a kind letter to webmaster asking for a link:
Some bloggers don’t want to use this trick as they think that asking for a link is bad. Let me tell you that if you are a newbie then asking for a link is really a good thing to promote your blog.
So create a list of bloggers in your niche, write a good mail to webmasters asking a reciprocal link and link their site before sending the mail! In 90% of the cases you will get the link!

2)Comments comments comments:
Ya comment on as many blogs as you can. Comment honestly how you feel about the blog, so there are chances of link back. Writing a comment on well established blogs so that chances of indexing of such a pages as well as your comment is very high. And will some times count a back link for some of the search engines. May be you can have some free traffic also.

3)Write a review article:
You can write a article about a product or offer from any affiliate and post it on your blog. Don’t wait for any webmaster or product owner to contact you to write the review, just do it and send a mail to that webmaster informing the good work done. Chances are high that he will appreciate the work and you could end up with some extra free traffic as well as the back link.

4)Submit your webpage to directories:
You can inclcude your webpages to as many directories as you can. This might be free or paid inclusion depending on your budget and ideas.
Also don’t forget to add your webpages to your email signature.

The last and most important thing to getting back links is
5)Participate in the blogger or webmaster projects like Problogger blog project

By means of participating in the projects like this where you can have number of back links free for just a single post.
I generally do participate in such web projects wherever I come across.

Let me mention you that this post is also a part of Problogger Group writing project!!

12 thoughts on “Top 5 tips for getting backlinks to your websites”

  1. About #2: I do not know what weightage Google gives to links it picks up from comments. Hope it does not classify them as spam.

    Good tips, btw.

  2. While I respect your post, there is not a chance that you will get links 90% of the time you ask for them from other bloggers. This technique has lost most of its value due to spammers.

  3. This thread offers interesting points. I agree with Joshua that convincing sites to add your link is not as easy as people may believe. To build your reputation, leave pertinent comments on sites and do other effective PR. Have pateince. The traffic you deserve will come to you. Have faith too.

  4. ya I agree with joshua and liara,
    Its now bit difficult to get back links by request, Due to spamming. But still i think its a good and honest idea to build links.
    Just write a polite request for the link explaining your business and how it will be mutually beneficial to both.

  5. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  6. Hmm, I’m following your advice and adding a comment so as to make a link. By the way, the chance of getting a link by asking for it is very slim these days. When I started a website several years ago people were very willing to exchange links but not now. So what has changed to make folks unwilling to link back?

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