One click import of full blogger blog to WordPress

Blogger to wordpress moveIf you are tired of Blogger platform and its limitations you will probably go for advanced and easy to use wordpress platform. Its very simple to import all your blogger post from blogger blog to self hosted wordpress blog. Here find it how.

Blogger platform is great if you don’t want the overhead of managing your template design. Just write and post something you want to post without any great options considering the SEO or link building. But wordpress gives you full control of your blog. You can maintain your posts easily, can create sitemap, robots.txt file and number of customized pages. Due to these advantages many bloggers want to shift to wordpress.

If you have shifted to wordpress and want to import all the posts from blogger to wordpress this can be done in easy 3 steps. Log in into your wordpress account. Upon login click on Manage button under that ‘Import’ link. You will see there are different import options like import post from Blogger, Blogware, Typepad, RSS feed and wordpress export file. Choose Blogger option for importing. This will redirect you to blogger account login which is your google account. On successful login you will find all your blogger blogs listed. Choose the blog to import to wordpress and press the magic button ‘Import’. You are finished importing all your posts with comments and users to wordpress. Set the author on wordpress as a new one or existing from blogger posts. Then customise each post according to your SEO needs in wordpress and you are done!

IF you have any query regarding blogger to wordpress move feel free to comment it out.

10 thoughts on “One click import of full blogger blog to WordPress”

  1. Well, it isn’t quite that simple!

    Yes, you can import all of your posts and your new WordPress blog will be functional, but you are a long way, at that point, from being done.

    All of those old Blogger posts have to be reformatted. For instance, I used Hackosphere’s read more hack on Blogger. That has no meaning in WordPress, so I had to go back to each post (I’m still not finished) and change that to the WordPress “more” function in order to have excerpts on my Sitemap page.

    Ditto a lot of other little hacks I picked up while on Blogger like pull quotes, drop caps, etc.

    Then there is the matter of comments. Haloscan has no import feature so if you made the mistake, like me, of starting on Blogger and using Haloscan comments so that you could ping/trackback, you have the option of either manually copying all those comments into your new WordPress blog or losing them. So far, I have simply lost many because I do not have time to cut and paste them all.

    So there are many reasons to be cautious when picking a blogging platform and then sticking with it! Fortunately, I only had 6 months or so of old posts from Blogger to deal with.

  2. @ Sunil – I use multiple installations of WordPress on same Hosting. Use separate WP instance for each domain, its easy to manage and monetize.

    @ Hopeful Spirit – I also faced the similar problem when I first imported all posts. You need to edit each post manually if you have some custom hacks in blogger blog posts. Still its best import option as your 80% work is done by this and 100% if you don’t have any custom hacks.

  3. i’m trying to import my all posts and comments from blogger to wordpress,
    posts are imported but i’m unable to import the comments..
    can you please help me…

  4. when I try to import from blogger it says “The page you have requested cannot be displayed. Another site was requesting access to your Google Account, but sent a malformed request. Please contact the site that you were trying to use when you received this message to inform them of the error. A detailed error message follows:

    The site “” has not been registered.”

    please help!

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