10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Your New Blog

Wordpress Plugins

WordPress is the most common blogging platform. There are around 10k plugins available in the WordPress directory for extending the functionality. But it can be mind boggling when it comes to installing the best plugins out of so many. Here are top 10 must have WordPress plugins for your new blog to steer you in right direction.

1. Insights

Insights plugin brings a powerful way of writing posts. Any kind of information like images, videos, maps and links can be inserted into the blog posts. It is a cool tool for interlinking the posts, doing Google search and YouTube videos.

2. Akismet

This is a must-have plug in for your blog for spam detection. It scans the comment and checks if it is spammed or not. Spam can be reviewed that is caught by the Akismet web service under the blog’s ‘comments’ admin screen. There is also an option to “automatically discard spam comments on posts older than a month.” Hence it is a perfect spam catcher.

3. SocioFluid

Another must-have plugin when it comes to blog promotion which allows article submission. With this plugin various social network icons can be added below your post. SocioFluid settings are under the main sections of the blog admin area. Around 20 bookmarking sites are available along with several icon sizes. SocioFluid bar can be displayed for posts in home page, shown on the top of the page or article or if the social network icons should open in new window or not.

4. All-in-one SEO

All in One SEO is another WordPress plugin to improve the SEO status of the blog and increase the search engine ranking as well as traffic. It is used for optimization of titles, meta-descriptions, keywords, for tuning page navigation links and making use of canonical URLs. This application also avoids duplicate content issues.

5. Google XML Sitemaps

This is a highly recommended WordPress plugin for generation of a special XML sitemap with which search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google will index your blog in a better way. It will be easier for web crawlers to get the complete view of your blog and retrieve it.

6. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

This is another nifty plugin for generating related posts. A custom algorithm is used considering content, tags, categories, post titles for the best related score. The related posts are displayed in RSS feed.

7. Google Analytics

A great plugin for running Google Analytics to the blog page and enjoy various tracking options available by this service. After the activation of this plugin check the settings section and get google analytics where you can make a google analytics wordpress configuration. Once you get the google analytics account you can track the visitors, monitor traffic sources and search keywords.

8. Advertising Manager

This plugin is for those who monetize the blog traffic. With this plugin you can manage and rotate Google Adsense and other ads on WordPress blog. One can also set Ad limitations by category, author, page type, tag, etc. All the important ad networks like Google Adsense, Adify, Adroll, Adpinion, Chitika, YahooIPN, WidgetBucks, ShoppingAds, Commission Junction, AdBrite and OpenX.

9. WP-PostRatngs

This is a great plugin that enables rating feature on the blog with several rating styles like stars, thumbs up-down, plus-minus. It is good to get a valuable feedback from the visitors. AJAX technology is used that avoids page refresh.

10. StatPress Reloaded

This plugin shows real-time statistics. You can monitor traffic and get all the information about spiders, search keywords, browsers, feeds, OS, visitors, etc.

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  1. Very nice list,but Akismet is already included in the latest versions of wordpress,so that lists 9plugin eheheh I suggest other 2 must-have plugins:
    -W3Total cache:remember that the speed and the lightness of a website is important,for users and your host,try that plugin,very easy to use
    -WordPress DB Manager (i have used just that),there are hundreds of plugin for backup,remember that backup the blog is very important

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