25 Best Web Design Practices – How to Make Your Website Stand Out From the Crowd

You might have a complete business model and the perfect plan. But business can’t run without a website. However, designing a website can be a Herculean task!

Here are some of the best web design practices that can make your website unique from all the others. Make sure to keep it subtle, witty and captivating at the same time for the visitors.

25 Best Web Design Practices:

1. First and foremost make sure your website displays properly on the popular versions of IE(7+), Firefox(3+), Opera(9+), Safari(Mac and Windows) to provide tousle free access.

2. Navigation links should be clearly and consistently labeled. Make use of navigation aids such as site map, skip navigation link etc.

3. Use various keywords, phrases and unique titles for each page of your site. Make key ideas on page in bold text font.

4. Your contact information should be prominent and should have all the details like contact name, email address, contact numbers and address information is possible. Also include contact link in the footer.

5. The header/logo should grab the attention of the visitors. It should be consistent. The purpose should be immediately apparent.

6. Content presentation is very important. It should be informative and meaningful. Make it presentable and not in haphazard manner. Content should provide links to other useful sites also.

7. Please no outdated information, no grammatical or spelling errors! Always spell check and proof-read your documents.

8. Page layout is very important. Make good use of design principals like repetition, contrast, proximity and alignment. It should display without horizontal scrolling at 1024*768 and higher resolutions.

9. Don’t forget to optimize website for search engines. Besides a great design websites should also be optimized for search engines using meta tags, title and content keywords, anchor texts and internal linking.

10. Home page should have compelling information and should download within 10 second on dial up connection. Also be clear and precise. Ambiguity is certainly not advisable.

11. Don’t use too many colors in page background/text. It should not appear tacky.

12. Colors should be used consistently and there should be good contrast with the text.

13. Use of graphics should serve the purpose. They should be optimized and should not slow down the page. Use small graphics which can load more quickly. Use images to make your content attractive.

14. Your website should be functional. Keep in mind that all the internal and external hyperlinks should work. No page not found error please!

15. Make use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to keep excessive code out of the way.

16. Don’t make your content dull and boring. Break up those long paragraphs. Try to break the monotony with bullet points, use of white spaces and relevant headings and sub headings.

17. Header tags should be used on every page consisting of the information relevant to the page.

18. All the forms should function as expected and there should be no JavaScript errors.

19. Make use of multimedia features. The audio/video/flash file should serve the purpose and should not distract user from the website.

20. Include download times for the audio and video files and provide suitable captions.

21. Provide links to download for media plug-ins.

22. Buying or reserving information should be accessible and hassle free. (Book now, Checkout, Shopping cart, etc.) You can also create logical navigation with “Product” and “Purchase” links.

23. Your site should be friendly to the volunteers. Give detailed information on how you can get them involved and let them participate.

24. If you running business website then you can include a News Section or Blog. People will come back to your site and your website will get more exposure. Add news about your firm and your cause.

25. Lastly, don’t forget to update your navigation and sitemap whenever you add pages to a site.

Have a wonderful website design that everyone will remember as a unique business brand!

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