10 Reasons to Switch from Windows to Mac OS

Switch from Windows to Mac OS

Here are the 10 reasons why you should switch from Windows to Mac OS.

1. Security
There is no need for anti-virus software for Mac. Think about this: anti-virus software is just like another virus in disguise. It makes your computer excruciatingly slow because it continuously runs many virus monitoring processes.
– It slows down your system even more and may also consume bandwidth by trying to update the virus database.
– What more? It can cost you a lot every year.

2. Easy to use
According to the facts, an average user using Windows spends more than 50 hours per year troubleshooting the computer and an average mac user does not spend more than 10 hours. It is just so easy, it lets you do so many things without any complications or consuming time. For example Mac OS X can be easily installed without deleting the content of hard drive. There are several other things that can be done easily. It is just ready to use out of the box.

3. No crashing
Mac does not crash as it is based on UNIX Operating System which is almost not prone to crash. Of course every computer is prone to crash but the crash rate for Mac is not that much compared to Windows.

4. Most of the software are available for Mac OS, whereas you will find only crap applications on PC with load of useless widgets or search bars. Windows is smothered with lot of demoware, adware and other junk. It can get pesky when word balloons burble out of windows activation, system tray and user account control.

5. Another outstanding feature is that it can be turned into an external firewire hard drive by pressing the “T Key” while booting. With this, tons of data can be moved with the help of firewire cable

6. Mac enables moving documents very easily. It reads the PC documents on external USB drive.

7. Mac is a hub for digital music and entertainment

Mac is not only pretty or attractive but is more functional too. iTunes has been installed on Mac that lets you play audio and organize it. iTunes is the best digital audio program. One can check out the podcasts and burn the discs. With iDVD, one can author digital content in various formats and high quality. There is iWeb for publishing digital media to internet. iMovie is also included with which movies can be directly imported fromĀ  digital cameras through firewire interface or USB.

8. Apple’s store Genius Bar

The Apple store’s Genius Bar is mind blowing that offers free in-person technical support. Geniuses can do everything form reinstalling the OS to even replacing the broken keys.

9. Windows applications for Mac

Thousands of Windows applications compatible with Mac are available. There are around 18000 Mac compatible products available in the market. Thus, Mac can run Windows if it is really needed. There are Parallels desktop and VMware Fusion virtualization utilities for this. However, this is going to be a last resort.

10. Last but not the least, Apple is one of the best software companies of the world. It is innovative and enjoyable with applications like iLife creativity suite or industrial-strength tools like Final Cut Pro.

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