Adsense ads just below your blog post title not allowed

In spite of reminding many times by Google about Adsense ad placement and optimization, If you are not following the Google Adsense terms then your Adsense account might get banned.

Here are two Adsense optimization tips that Google advised to avoid:

1. Ads shouldn’t be placed under a title or section heading in a way that implies that the ads are not ads.

2. Ads should be easily distinguishable from surrounding content.

Adsense team always point out if some publishers are not following their TOS. Recently popular blogger QOT got email from Adsense team pointing out issue of placing Adsense ads just below the post title.

Google team is kind enough to inform any such issues.  But in spite of couple of warnings if you are still violating their TOS then Google has no other option than banning your site for Adsense.

Workaround for this:

No doubt, Adsense ads placed just below the post title are high paying ads with higher CTR.  And if you don’t want to lose this revenue then you have one workaround for this. Just put an ‘Advertisement’ label above these Adsense ads. Adsense team is ok with this.

Though we are not yet clear about the ads wrapped at left or right corner of post content just below the post title. Still avoid placing left aligned Adsense ads below post titles.

23 thoughts on “Adsense ads just below your blog post title not allowed”

  1. most of the people are not changing their ad placements after this rule… you can place a word like “advertisement” this will help to make the ads placement legal… i hope so

  2. hello sir as u write in this post
    Adsense ads just below your blog post title not allowed

    but u have showed the ads in the right side of the post description, that comes under the post title.
    so is it a violation of google adsence policies, as i have done the same and showed the ads on my blog as the same manner u showed here at ur blog.
    Plz have a look at the my blog and let me know if ads are showing in the correct manner.

  3. Thanks for this post. I will now be careful with “below the title” placement. Actually I found that ads placed inside the posts have higher CTR than those just under the title….

  4. OMG !!!! you saying that put adsense bellow the tittle violate Big G TOS , you just do some violation here I am sure next week you will removed the ads positions and also you put to many adsense coz the standard is 3 but I am not sure its Violate TOS or not but for me it will make your website very-very slow , oops I forget its only for high traffic website but for untraffic website its OK!! here some suggestion for you, if you newbies please don’t writes article about something that really hard to do ok its try to writes valuable information Please !!

  5. hey, we can see that many bloggers are putting the adsense code after the title, and nothing is happening, I’m going to do it at my blog, it’s the best solution for me and for many others too!

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