Do you love Windows vista? If not then you will need to wait for Windows 7 till 2010

Windows 7It’s time for next version of Microsoft’s Windows Operating system. The current version of Windows vista is not so popular as expected by the Microsoft Company. Many companies are speaking negative about Vista. Still Microsoft is now busy in developing next windows version i.e. Windows 7 and it will be introduced after three years from now, approximately in January 2010!

Steven Sinofsky, the Microsoft man having all responsibilities of Windows 7, shared some details about windows 7 in an interview with CNET. Though he hasn’t revealed most of the details TechCrunch concluded some basic facts from this interview.

The interesting feature in windows 7 is ‘Touch screen interface’. Multi-touch software will allow user to use their fingers to draw pictures, zoom in and out, search and skim maps and even play on screen using piano. This multi-touch functionality is similar to the latest Apple’s iPhone touch screen feature.

See the multi-touch functionality demo in below video:

Video: Multi-Touch in Windows 7

Windows 7 few details are:
1) Windows 7 will arrive after general availability of windows Vista i.e. approximately after 3 years sometimes around January 2010.

2) All drivers and softwares working on windows Vista will still continue to work on Windows 7. No other additional device compatibilities. The basic driver model will be the same. No new kernel for windows 7. It will be built on Windows server 2008 kernel base.

3) To maintain compatibility, Windows 7 will be available both in 32 and 64 bit versions.

Here are some unofficial pics of the windows 7 release:

Windows 7 picture 1

Windows 7 picture 2

Windows 7 picture 3

Though the final design will be different than the windows 7 pictures shown above, it may be interesting to see how close these pictures will be with the final release.

See more windows 7 pictures here.

Will windows 7 be a total redesign in terms of functionality or just the GUI brush up! Let’s wait and watch.

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One Response to “Do you love Windows vista? If not then you will need to wait for Windows 7 till 2010”

  1. sameer says:

    I think i need to buy a brand new PC for this OS. I am hardly able to run XP on my machine.. This heavy graphics is not possible for low memory PCs
    Same thing may be the reason that vista not become popular os..

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