How to embed adsense ad unit in left or right corner of post content?

Have you wondered how to add Adsense ad unit in post left or right corner in post content? This was my first question when I switched to wordpress. As you can see many wordpress blogs have ad units embedded in top left or right corner of the post content see example.

This Adsense ad unit in  top left or right corner have highest CTR on my blogs like  software Testing blog. Adding this ad unit is very simple and requires a bit of code before and after your regular Adsense ad script.

If you want to add a ad unit in Top left corner of your post then just include following lines in your ad code.

<div style=”display:block;float:left;margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px;”>

Your Adsense ad script


Just change the <div>  float tag to “right”, if you want to place ad unit at right corner. The 250×250 square ad unit is most appropriate for this ad placement.

If you are using adsense delux or Adsense Manager plugin for ad management then add the same code before and after your ad tag. i.e

<div style=”display:block;float:left;margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px;”>

<–adsense unit name–>


Adsnese unit in middle of the post disturb the reading flow so its better to have ad units at the begging of the post. If you have any query adding this ad unit in your blog post let me know.

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  1. lifelessons says:

    You have helped solved a major problem. Thanks for sharing this technique. I have always been having challenges using Adsense Deluxe on my blog.

    I am definitely going to try this out ASAP.

    Thanks for sharing once again.


  2. Brennan says:

    Thank you so much! I’ve always wondered how you did that. I’ve tried the basic tag, and countless others, but none worked.

  3. jehzlau says:

    oh my i forget the display: block ^_^… that’s exactly what i need. thanks ^_^

  4. gogo says:

    it will be better if can make a collum left the posts, anyone know how to do it?

  5. Bohemian says:

    Thanx.I have found lots of ways out there.But none of them was as easy as yours! So i am gonna give it a try.

  6. corleniet says:

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  7. Krishna says:

    Thanks a lot. The tags will help me a lot, I guess…

  8. thanks, I used your guide to put the ads on my site :D

  9. Anah says:


    Thanks for your help.

    Great guide! :)

  10. Eranda says:

    When i placed the code the adsense links are not clickable,
    See what i mean by visiting here,

    I placed the ad code as,

    Any assistance would be highly appreciated, :-)

  11. Harry says:

    You have used a character that is not considered a “name character” in an attribute value. Which characters are considered “name characters” varies between the different document types, but a good rule of thumb is that unless the value contains only lower or upper case letters in the range a-z you must put quotation marks around the value. In fact, unless you have extreme file size requirements it is a very very good idea to always put quote marks around your attribute values. It is never wrong to do so, and very often it is absolutely necessary.

  12. Glenn says:

    Nice CSS and Adsense trick… thanks a lot :)

  13. Radio says:

    Thanks for this excellent article. A+++. I’ve been trying to embed Adsense boxes in my Worpress-based blog’s articles with little success so far. Let’s try this!

  14. Thank you very much for this tip. I have been messing with table parameters and single post.php forever. I have successfully implemented the adsense tip here on all my sites.

    Thanks again,


  15. Kavita says:

    At one location you have referred that do not place ads on left side as it is violation of TOS. Your comments please

  16. In which page will i insert the code if i am doing in manually ?

  17. zafran says:

    Thank you sooooooo much this worked great for me!!!! :)

  18. cecak says:

    Nice it’s work on my web

    Thank You

  19. Thanks for providing such a clear explanation! It worked like a charm, first time. This was a big help. (-:

  20. matblogger says:

    excellent… simple yet effective solution to my problem. thanks a lot.

  21. Mindanaoan says:

    Woohoo! Thanks so much! This helped me a lot!!! I’ve been so confused for so many days now but your html code helped me…thank you!

  22. ofw blogger says:

    any suggestion to my blog it wont work for me?

  23. I have been looking for a way fo doing this and you provided a nice and easy solution. Thank you so much for that.

  24. thanks for the informative guide here. how about placing adsense on bottom left or right of the post? my purpose is for the reader first to read my article before navigating on my ads.

  25. shvtrix says:

    you have to use use the same div container along with adsense code but paste it below data:post.body

  26. aiza says:

    pls supply the missing codes

  27. Captain English says:

    Dude, for the love of God, it’s AD!!!! Not “add.”

    “Add” means to insert something extra. “Ad” means advertisement.

    “I am going to add a Google Adsense ad unit to my pages.” Homophones they are. Learn them you will.

  28. zahid says:

    Wonderful Thanks a lot for the tip :)

  29. i am really very thankful that Google launched the Adsense program. this enables most of us who owns several websites to work at home.

  30. i need to place adsense after 2-3 lines on each can i do it.

  31. Karen Hayes says:

    i love google Adsense, it enables me to earn money on the websites and forums that i have put up several years ago. if you got tons of websites, you can earn a lot from Adsense alone

  32. surbhi says:

    hey, i did the same as given here…. and ads are now showing on the top right of my blog.

    But why is this space coming in the left side…. what should i do to fill this space with text in my post….same as ur post.

    plz reply

  33. mike says:

    Hi, do you have any idea why there seems to be a space before the top…it’s not perfectly aligned…help!

  34. Prince says:

    Thank you so much you made my day (huge Pat on the back and a thumbs up

  35. Kinect says:

    It was a great tip for me. It works well.

  36. Anthony says:

    Thanks. This helped me align my advertisements :)

  37. FMiyar says:

    NIce post.


  38. Thanks Dude very helpful post !!

  39. p_O says:

    Im getting this :

    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “style”.

    Any Clue?

  40. thanks before his,This is very helpful

  41. Chris says:

    Thanks Helpful info

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    It works.thanks a lot

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    thanks man, my problem was solved. its nice now that my ads were inline with text.

  44. Ryan says:

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  45. Asad says:

    awesome post bro. Realy thanks. but which file to put the add code in ?

  46. freeabizz says:

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  47. geraldine says:

    This tip works for my blog: i have been looking for ways to post adsense on the left side of my blog post. this one works just fine.

  48. Admin says:

    Thank you so much now i don’t have to give a percent for my adsense click to a plugin.

  49. nindrianto says:

    Thank you boss. That is correct. That position is very helpful to increase CTR.

  50. creative says:

    hello, thanks for the info, and i would like to ask further questions, what would i include if im going to put it on the center or middle left/right side and bottom left/right side of my blog post?

  51. the writer says:

    well, i have been pulling my hair since last night… read your post and got my answer… I can’t belive it was that simple.

  52. Jonathan says:

    Thanks a lot for this, I been trying with lot of plugins, but this help me.


  53. Sofa-Guide says:

    Great post, have been trying to do this dor a long time. thanks for the tip works great.

  54. Se7en says:

    Great, exactly what i was looking for. Thumbs up !

  55. waqas says:

    great tip but the display ad have no space between text and ad, and even adding margine doesnt make any difference, any tip for it

  56. sonny says:

    wow! finally i have found the code to the right corner =) you the best, thanx for the code… hope to visit your site again for more code…

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  64. Thanks , very informative .

    Stagiaires in Suriname

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    Hiiii thank you very much, i already try and it works, nice align code guidance

  66. manex says:

    hye can you tell me how can i embed adsense ads one to left of the post and one to the right of the post body

  67. shajjad says:

    Thanks for great post. Its helps me for placing ads in my clients site.


  68. samy jain says:

    u can also use code to align adsense in left, right or center..

  69. Johny says:

    This is what I was looking for. Thanks

  70. Vipin says:

    how to blend the ads?

  71. Naveen Kar says:

    Actually, adding padding attribute gives better results.. Am I wrong?

  72. Techlearns says:

    This is what I was looking for, Thanks. :)

  73. amit says:

    Thanks. Can you please guide where to insert these codes in wordpress?

  74. bessy says:

    how to add adsense in the post

  75. amit says:

    Can you please tell where to insert ad in wordpress?

  76. iamgotzaa says:


    it works now.

    I kinda finding this code for some time bu forget where to find. now I google it and find this post


  77. MNB Achari says:

    Thanks for the explanation. It works fine.

  78. len hend says:

    Your second link does not work (software Testing blog.)

  79. shining says:

    thank a lot. this is a piece of small code I’m looking for. After making shortcode to embed GA on post, i need this modification so that the ads will in the right or left of the content…thank

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