8GB iPhone in India at Rs 31,000. Book your iPhone 3G in advance. But Prices Triple than US!

iphone in indiaI don’t know why iPhone prices in India are triple than the US prices. Are there some extra features in Indian iPhone? Vodafone just announced the much awaited iPhone prices in India. It was previously declared by Bharti Airtel and Vodafone that they are going to launch iPhone in India on 22nd August and prices will also be declared at that time.

Now Vodafone declared prices just before 2 days of iPhone launch in India.
8GB iPhone will cost you RS 31,000 and
16GB will cost you Rs 36,100

Iphone features available in India:

  1. Revolutionary Mobile Phone
  2. Great Wide-screen iPod – Music and video on 3.5-inch display
  3. GPRS and Wi-Fi Internet connection
  4. Maps with GPS
  5. iPhone in Enterprise – like Microsoft Exchange, App store

From 22nd August it will be available in selected Bharti Airtel and Vodafone stores in India. To book your iPhone find Vodafone stores near you. According to Vodafone they have received large number of registrations for iPhone but having limited stock. If you want to confirm your booking just pay Rs 10,000 in advance in Vodafone stores. You can book the iPhone in Vodafone stores between August 20 and 21.

Now no need to stand in long queue:
If you book iPhone in advance by paying Rs 10,000 you will get appointment date to collect your iPhone. No need to stand in queues for hours to get your dreamed iPhone piece.

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7 Responses to “8GB iPhone in India at Rs 31,000. Book your iPhone 3G in advance. But Prices Triple than US!”

  1. Sunil says:

    best way i will go to US in this price and will buy it from there ;-)

  2. Justine says:

    hmm.. so may be vodafone is making 50% of the iphone price?
    it’s too much.. Wait and watch i bet the prices will fall down soon. Microsoft is also launching iphone competitor soon..

  3. Piyush says:

    Today, I also got an email from vodafone regarding this hellish amount of money. I was expecting something less than 20k since in Apple’s website, its of 200 USD but these useless people r selling for too much amount.. I think we shud wwait sometime or either go to US lol..

  4. Rajesh says:

    Hi all

    So, finally comapny understood mindset and problem of common man of not want to spend such a big amount of Rs. 31000/36000 to buy an iphone and made it available through EMI with tying up with few banks. I saw this info on iphone section of airtel site (http://www.airtel.in/iphone3g)

  5. akki says:

    probably its just a way to prove there r a lot of Rich ones in india too!! ;-)

  6. FERRY says:

    I could not afford such a huge sum to buy one….

  7. seema bhatia says:

    200 usd is too much wait it will b down in rates soon hopefully

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