41 Percent of Global Internet Users are From Asia Pacific. Does That Make Any Sense?

According to latest “Global Internet audience” data released by comscore, 41% of the global Internet users are from Asia-pacific region.

Here is the region-wise breakdown of Internet traffic in Dec 2008:

Asia Pacific          416.28 million   41.3%
Europe                 282.65 million   28.0%
North America         185.11 million    18.4%
Latin America           74.91 million     7.4%
Middle East & Africa  48.78 million    4.8%

The above figures used for ranking are only home and office Internet users. The Internet traffic from public computers like Internet cafes and mobile phones is not counted in this report!

I believe countries like China and India are having more Internet users from public computers like cafes, as still in these regions personal or home computers are not reached to most of the users, and they regularly use Internet from cafes.

In most of the European and North-Latin American countries the internet audience is reached to its maximum limit and there is very low scope for drastic increase in internet users, whereas in Asian countries, its just a start now and many people and cities are now getting connected by internet and hence big scope to increase Internet audience!!

Here is the list of Top 15 Countries by Internet Audience with unique visitors and global share of Internet users for Dec 2008:

China:           179.71 million     17.8%
United States:   163.3 million      16.2%
Japan:           59.99 million      6.0%
Germany:         36.99 million      3.7%
United Kingdom:  36.66 million      3.6%
France:          34.01 million      3.4%
India:           32.09 million      3.2%
Russia:          28.99 million      2.9%
Brazil:          27.68 million      2.7%
South Korea:     27.25 million      2.7%
Canada:          21.81 million      2.2%
Italy:           20.78 million      2.1%
Spain:           17.89 million      1.8%
Mexico:          12.48 million      1.2%
Netherlands:     11.81 million      1.2%

Surely in future Asia is going to play a big role and will be the center for most of the Internet dependent business decisions.


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3 Responses to “41 Percent of Global Internet Users are From Asia Pacific. Does That Make Any Sense?”

  1. Shreedhar says:

    Asia is going to rock !!!!!!!!!

  2. china surely have lot of visitors!

  3. exileeD says:

    It is strange that Russia is an 8 point, it seemed to me that Russia should be at least 5 spot

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