Best Accessories for Android Smartphones

android phone accessories

After you have bought a new Android smart phone you probably wanna buy essential and sleek android phone accessories for your handset and flaunt it even more. With people going bonkers over Android phone, more and more android phone accessories have also hit the market.

There are a multitude of android phone accessories like chargers, cases, batteries, memory cards, screen protectors and headsets.

Here are some of the top android phone accessories:

1. Smart phone micro-usb travel charger
This is one of the best android phone accessories as it is the most convenient way to charge the phone.
Price: This android accessory is priced at $19.95

2. Android Stickers

Android Stickers
You can put these cool android stickers on your favorite gadgets like laptop, car or phones. These stickers come in a pack.
Price: Android Stickers sell for $6.90

3. Motorola Power Pack

Motorola Power Pack
This android phone accessory is outstanding as this eco-friendly accessory can charge two various devices at the same time and gets switched off when the devices get fully charged. It is compatible with lot of other devices like Atrix 4G, Motorola Cliq 2, Citrus, Bravo, Flipside, Droid 2, Charm, Defy, Droid 2 Global, Droid Bionic, i1, Flipout, Droid X, Droid 2, etc.
Price: Motorola Power Pack is priced at $19.95

4. Sleek headphones
A high end android phone is incomplete without good headphones and one cannot enjoy the music with the hands-free device. Get sleek headphones with amazing sound quality like Shure’s SE115 or Etymotic’s ER6i.
Price: Less than $100

5. Mobi Products protector case for Motorola Droid

Mobi Products protector case for Motorola Droid
This protector case from Mobi Products is designed particularly for Motorola Droid. It is slim and comes in variety of colors like pink, black, purple and blue. There are similar cases for other android phones as well.
Price: This hard case sells for $12.95

6. Dan-Elec 16GB microSDHC card
When it comes to high end phones loaded with android applications and music and videos, almost everyone needs expandable memory. This Dan-Elec 16GB microSDHC card comes with a full size SD card adapter and this makes it compatible with other devices like digital camera, smartphone and laptops.
Price: Dan-Elec 16GB microSDHC card sells for around $39.95

7. Android Shoes
Get the geeky look with these cool android sneakers
Price: Android shoes are priced at $65

8. Android Mug
Get this cool android mug and decorate your office or house with this accessory.
Price: Android mug sells for $13.95

9. Extended battery
Getting hooked on to the android phone is obvious but it is surely going to eat up the battery as you will be using it all the time. So one can always get their hands on extended batteries which come for many models. There is a third party battery vendor like Seidio and many actually fit in the battery cover.
Seido Innocell 3500mAh extended battery for Samsung Nexus
Price: $64.95

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  1. i can never go without the travel charger and the extended battery. aside from using my phone for business, i am such a sucker for apps. :)

    i just wonder what other accessories are out there in the market for use?

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