How to Do Laptop Maintenance – Laptop Maintenance Tips

Laptop Maintenance Tips

We can’t do without computers, much that we would hate to admit but it is a fact that people from all age-groups, irrespective of their educational background are increasingly purchasing and using computers. When you go to purchase a computer, you mainly look out for either a desktop or a laptop.

Laptops are in craze these days because of a variety of reasons such as people having smaller accommodation, which means less space to fit in a desktop; though the main reason would be a laptop’s easy portability sans host of accessories like CPU, modem, speakers, mouse, etc.

Laptops come costly and their repairing is also expensive and at times could be even impossible. So, it becomes so very necessary to take proper care of this precious gadget.

Let’s take a look at some of the indispensable laptop maintenance tips:

1) Buy a good laptop bag: A laptop bag is so very essential because it serves to protect your laptop and sundry paraphernalia while you travel from one city to another or may be from one office to another. Go for a bag which is well-constructed to protect your precious stuff from different weather conditions and natural elements.

2) Avoid eating or drinking near laptop: Spilling liquid on a laptop keyboard can cause minor or major damage depending upon what kind of liquid falls on it like if it is simple water, it will cause comparatively less damage. Though a bigger amount of water can cause rust if it gets beneath the keys. If you drop food items on the keyboard, chances are the minute food bits would get in between the keys and can later attract small insects. This can lead to circuit abnormality

If by chance, you happen to contaminate your laptop with food or beverage, you must immediately unplug the gadget, invert the thing as that would prevent the food elements or fluid to enter inside your laptop. Carefully and properly clean the machine and then leave it to dry for sufficient time before using it again.

3) Keep it cool: You must have seen it for yourself that any laptop produces a considerable amount of heat, which if couples with any other form of heat like being in direct sunlight or inside a kitchen, can cause great deal of harm to the sophisticated gadget. Those who desire to work in a kitchen must take into consideration things such as moisture, grease and invisible food particles which would clog the system’s air emission parts.

4) Maintenance of the software: Now talking about the software part, it is very common to get your files fragmented whenever you shut it down improperly or while moving from one place to another. Delete all such fragmented files and other unnecessary files which actually slow down your gadget. These unusable files can also cause various errors now and then. Take out time to delete them and remove them permanently from the recycle bin as well.

5) Go for quality accessories: For most of the people, a laptop is a one-time buy. Very few can afford to change their laptops unless they ‘have to’. So it is always advisable that you buy original laptop components and accessories when going for repairing.


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