What you can do to ensure your Adsense account won’t be disabled

Note: If you are completely aware of ALL Adsense polices you can skip this article. However there are some tips and tricks at the end of the article that will help you to manage your Adsense account more effectively.

Google Adsense polices are strict. Any violation to these policies results in Adsense account termination. And you won’t get single penny from your Adsense earnings even you reached to 100 or 1000 dollars. The worst penalty is your site will get banned from Adsense for lifetime.

I think no other company is having as advanced fraud detection tools as Google. Google uses both automated fraud detection techniques and manual human reviews for any generated clicks or impressions. As I worked on search engine and online marketing company projects, I also know there are thousands of fraud detection rules that can be applied to detect any kind of click fraud. So don’t try to fool the Google just for few pennies.

How you can ensure your account will be in good standings?

The first an obvious solution is to adhere with Adsense policies. You need to regularly read the changing policies so that you won’t do any silly mistake that will result in your account termination.

Time to time Adsense team makes aware of new Adsense policies and the difference between click fraud and invalid clicks. If you are not aware of some basic Adsense click fraud and invalid click policies then read on:

What are Invalid clicks, impressions or Conversion?
Any click or impression knowingly generated by publisher.
This includes:

  • Publisher clicking on his own ads
  • Publisher encouraging clicks on his ads
  • Automated clicking tools or traffic sources
  • Use of automated robots to generate traffic
  • and any other deceptive traffic generation software

In short the click or impression should be generated genuinely by user interest.

What you can do to adhere with Adsense policies?

1) Avoid clicking on your own ads for any reason. Use Adsense ad preview tool to test ads appearing on your site.
2) Don’t ask others to click on your own ads.
3) Do not show Google ads in pop-ups. Don’t load any of your site pages with un-requested pop-ups.
4) Don’t put Google Adsense ads on adult or mature content, gambling sites and drug related contents.
5) Do not alter Adsense ad code in any way – like layout, targeting, behavior etc. Unless you are specifically authorized to do so.
6) Do not show other pop-up ads on site where you show Adsense ads.
7) Do not participate with other ad networks, which show ads very similar to Adsense ads. You can participate in other ad networks but then it’s your responsibility to make sure those ads will be clearly distinguished from Adsense ads.
8 ) Do not take part in any traffic exchange programs like paid-to-click, paid-to-surf, auto-surf, and click-exchange programs.

If Google finds any invalid click, you will see those clicks reported in your Adsense account but without any earnings for it.

As Google show both CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (Cost per thousand impression) ads on your site you may not excessively view or reload your pages containing Adsense ads.

If you excessively view your site for any reason then you can do following things:

1) If you are viewing site to check Adsense ad placement then use Google ad preview feature from Adsense account.  (This is different than Google Ad preview tool)

After log-in to Adsense account, Go to
Adsense setup-> Manage Ads -> Adsense unit preview
Here you can enter any page from your site where you put latest Adsense code to be previewed.

2) To avoid seeing Adsense ads on your machine temporarily: (For Windows systems)
Go to your WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts path and edit ‘hosts’ file.
Add following entry to your system host file:       pagead2.googlesyndication.com

This will loop back Adsense ad requesting and will temporarily block the Adsense ads on your machine only. Once you get finished with site modification work, remove above entry from host file.
Obviously this can’t be used to test Adsense ads, but useful when you are integrating other network ad codes and doesn’t want to view Adsense ads while testing those other network ads.

3) Third good and handy option is using Adsense preview Firefox add-on. Using this add-on you can test any page having Adsense ads.  No impression or click will be counted by viewing ads using this plugin.

Hope this is useful to manage Adsense ad testing without getting any burden of generating invalid clicks or impressions.

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