Tips to Buy a New Car — Car Buying Guide

Car Buying Guide

Deciding on which car to buy is the most important decision and requires careful planning. Purchasing a new car entails big bucks. A car should be suitable to your needs and worth it.  So one should do a lot of research work and put in time and then splurge on a model that is worth the money so that you get a right car at a right price. Here is the car buying guide that will help you in buying a new car.

Here are Few Tips to Buy a New Car:

1) Ask Yourself

The first thing one needs to consider is what kind of car suits your lifestyle and purpose whether you need to use it for daily purpose, for outings, recreation or on weekends. Do you want a sedan, compact car aka hatch back car or a SUV (sports utility vehicle). Prioritize your needs whether you want space, speed or luxury. Then comes the budget, EMI in case you will be borrowing money, registration, license, insurance option and other features.

2) Budget

Before you buy a new car first analyze your savings, affordability and earnings. How much are you willing to spend on the car? How much you can afford when it comes to down payment, monthly payment along with other expenditures. Looking into all these factors decide the budget.

3) Selecting the car

Select the cars that come in your budget. Compare all the cars and their standard features. Consider various factors like standard equipment mostly number of cylinders, club weight, horsepower, engine size then check the colours, total price, resale value and cost of the spares. Lastly one should never compromise on the space which depends on the family size. So always check the luggage space and seating capacity.

Tips to buy a new car

4) Fuel efficiency – Petrol pr Diesel?

Mileage is considered as a top priority by the people depending on how much you travel whether you want petrol or diesel. Both petrol and diesel have their own pros and cons.

Diesel engines might feel slow, noisy and more expensive to maintain but many cars now are equipped with diesels engines that deliver high performance. But many people opt for petrol cars when it comes to performance. But diesel cars also have better acceleration when speed is from 50-80kph compared to petrol equivalents. The prices of the new cars with diesel are higher compared to the petrol models, however there is a better  resale value.

Diesel wont make a hole in your pocket as it is way too cheap compared to the petrol with price only 75% of the petrol. According to the experts if your annual mileage is around 13,000-15,000 km then go for diesel and if the usage is less than opt a petrol car

5) Compare the prices

Do not get duped by the dealers and the prices they offer. So make sure to check the internet for retail price suggested by the manufacturer and in various cities and compare it with the dealer price.

6) Test Drive

Go for the test drive. Scrutinize the features, characteristics, interiors and exteriors. Look for the comfort, braking, handling, acceleration and noise. Inspect everything carefully.

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