11 Tricks to Improve Laptop Performance

Improve Laptop Performance

One can get really cranky and miffed when the laptop slows down to a snails pace and it takes ages to perform a task due to load times and slow processing.

Here are few tips to improve the laptop performance and boost the speed:

1) When laptop is booted many programs start automatically, get rid of these programs that are not necessary to run by going to Windows Task Manager. Click on “Process” tab and under the “Mem Usage” option click the ones which are to be closed.

2) Firstly RAM is the most important hardware for laptops. If the computer memory is good the laptop runs faster. However, the laptop does not process well when the memory is not free and available for other programs.

3) The most simple step is to minimize all the windows which are not being used. RAM is used when some program like Photoshop or Firefox is used. So after minimizing the program there is faster processing.

4) Download some tools for taking care of the memory usage especially when RAM reaches a critical point. Some of the programs are Free Up Ram, MemMonster, RamCleaner, RamOptimizer, RamSmash, MemoryWasher, MemZilla and etc.

5) It is recommended not to use Norton Antivirus as it eats up a lot of RAM space. However, if the problem is critical it is better to add a RAM on the laptop. It is advised to have at least 1GB RAM for Windows XP and 2GB RAM for Windows Vista.

6) Spyware is a hidden software running in the background of the computer that eats up system resources. This should be removed to get rid of the unwanted programs. A free solution is Spybot Search & Display.

7) Hard Drive is another important factor and can be a hindrance to the laptop performance. It does make a difference when it comes to loading a program or writing data. It slows down terribly when searching for files and programs scattered all across the drive. This can be solved by defragmentation of hard disk.

For this go to “Start,” then “Programs,” “accessories,” “System Tools,” “Disk Defragmenter”. This should be run for some time and it is recommended to de-frag once in two months for smooth functioning. Then they get

8) A new CPU or a graphics processor can add some life to an aging laptop. Get in touch with the manufacturer’s and check their website.

9) Overheating can also rob the laptop performance. Excessive dust is also not good and can clog air vents. Make sure you clean the air vents. Reduce the laptop temperature and let there be some good ventilation.

10) Improve the battery life. CPU activities consume a lot of power. There are some programs for optimization of battery power. SpeedSwitchXP is a simple program.

11) Also, many a times a lot of softwares are put by the manufacturers which are not even used and launched every time when the computer is booted up. The programs get compounded and hamper the speed. PC Decrapifier is a free program that removes these unwanted programs.

Thus, with the help of these tips one can improve the laptop usage. Use this tweaks to get your laptop back on its feet when your laptop is starting to irk you.

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