One click notification to all unconfirmed subscribers

If you are offering email subscription option to your readers then you might have observed many unconfirmed subscribers in your feed list. I observed around 30% of my readers not confirmed their subscription. This might happen because some time your confirmation email to reader might get unnoticed or may land in Spam folder.

To email those unconfirmed subscribers manually is very hectic work and practically impossible if you have thousands of subscribers in unconfirmed list.

This task is made simple by wordpress plugin “Notify unconfirmed subscribers“. Install this plugin on your wordpress blog and upon activation you will see admin panel option to email all those unconfirmed subscribers in one click.

Basically you need to provide your feedburner username and password to fetch all unconfirmed subscribers. This plugin will fetch all such email ids for your all feedburner feeds. You need to select for which feed you want to send mail to unconfirmed subscribers.

You also need to provide custom email message body. Instead of providing lengthy email explaining all about feed options, provide small message like below:

You recently requested an email subscription to (your blog name) to get latest updates by Email. But you have not confirmed your subscription.
In order to get latest articles from
(your blog name) you need to subscribe to email newsletter of (your domain name).

Click on below link to get email updates:
(Link of your feed email subscription)

Enter your email address and please check your inbox for a verification message. You will need to click on a link listed in this message to activate your subscription.

Your name,
Your Blog url

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