Google adsense logoGoogle now introducing third party display ads on their content network. This means quality third party ads will now appear on your site through Adsense network and you won’t need to worry to fill unsold ad inventory on your site from direct ad sale.

Only quality third party vendor’s display ads will be accepted on Adsense. Currently approved vendors includes: DoubleClick DFA, DoubleClick Rich Media, Mediaplex/ValueClick, Eyeblaster, Interpolls, Dynamic Logic/Safecount and many other top brand third party ads.

Greater variety of advertising will increase biding competition on ad spaces and Adsense publishers can get top bid ads on their Adsense ads. Also you can get rid of those boring image ads. New ads can add some interactivity in ad types by showing flash and rich media ads on your site, increasing the click through rate as well as the revenue from Google Adsense.

Third party ads can be easily distinguished, as these ads will not include ‘Ads by Google’ text.

Enabling third party ads on your site is very simple. Just create or update your existing ad units to accept Image ads and you will automatically become eligible to receive third party display ads. You can also block the specific third part ads from Adsense ‘Ad review center’ where these third part ads will be categorized as ‘rich media ads’. Also the competitive ad-filtering feature can be used to block third party ads.

So in all get ready for variety of top quality rich media third party ads on your Adsense network, which will definitely bring more revenue from your site.

See more details on Adsense blog.