How to Write Short But Effective Tweets on Twitter

Twitter has now surpassed most of the social networking sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg and Delicious and is the most ultimate tool for link exchanging and many people use it as a part of they’re marketing plan. Here are few guidelines for writing impressive tweets and say more in just 140 characters that will bring you more traffic.

1. Always think before tweeting if it is really valuable and worth it before you get into a heated argument or end up publishing useless comment. Your audience will appreciate it.

2. Make use of the engaging catchy headlines. Craft your message elegantly in such a way theta you are selling the headline.

3. Just because your tweet is only of 140 characters that does not mean that grammar, spelling does not matter. In fact it matters the most because you have to get the attention of the people in such a compact space. Check it before if you have to so that it does not irk “twee-ple” because of your messy errors.
– Start with a capital letter and also use a capital letter with a new sentence
– You should know the difference between its and it’s, your and you’re, there, their and they’re
– Do not ape the celebrities
– Using capital letter everywhere looks like you are actually screaming and is very sloppy
– Use appropriate punctuation marks
– Make sure you don’t use exclamation mark at the end of each and every sentence. Make use of hyphen if make up your own word and to differentiate between the real and the imaginary word

4. You can be personal but not too personal. There is not harm in the once in a blue moon splice-of-life tweets. You might be using at as a business tool but it will help you connect with the people more effectively because your customers will also feel theta you are just like them. However, do not go overboard.

5. Another snazzy tip is to shorten the links. There are lot of URL shortening services. However it is advisable to use only which is the URL shortening service of Twitter. This URL shortener provides stats and is convenient and essential at the same time for those who want to get their content re-shared.

6. For keeping your twitter short make use of active language. For example by tweeting, “The panel will announce the winners tomorrow” rather than “An announcement of the winners will be done by the panel tomorrow”. Do you see the difference? With the first tweet you end up saving more space theta saves time and also sounds dynamic.

Basically you should strive for two things for getting the right response maximum readability and maximum retweet-ability. Both are vital but never go overboard and promote yourself too much because then you might be overlooked. Remember effective use of twitter-ism will get you the right traffic and response.

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