Blogger to wordpress moveIf you are tired of Blogger platform and its limitations you will probably go for advanced and easy to use wordpress platform. Its very simple to import all your blogger post from blogger blog to self hosted wordpress blog. Here find it how.

Blogger platform is great if you don’t want the overhead of managing your template design. Just write and post something you want to post without any great options considering the SEO or link building. But wordpress gives you full control of your blog. You can maintain your posts easily, can create sitemap, robots.txt file and number of customized pages. Due to these advantages many bloggers want to shift to wordpress.

If you have shifted to wordpress and want to import all the posts from blogger to wordpress this can be done in easy 3 steps. Log in into your wordpress account. Upon login click on Manage button under that ‘Import’ link. You will see there are different import options like import post from Blogger, Blogware, Typepad, RSS feed and wordpress export file. Choose Blogger option for importing. This will redirect you to blogger account login which is your google account. On successful login you will find all your blogger blogs listed. Choose the blog to import to wordpress and press the magic button ‘Import’. You are finished importing all your posts with comments and users to wordpress. Set the author on wordpress as a new one or existing from blogger posts. Then customise each post according to your SEO needs in wordpress and you are done!

IF you have any query regarding blogger to wordpress move feel free to comment it out.