Tips to Get More Sales From Existing Customers

Remember you might be in constant hunt of new and new customers but your existing customers are your loyal customers who know you well and are right under your nose. Never overlook sales that one can get from the existing customers who have purchased something from you. You will get more business from the existing customers than purchasing on the new ones.

If you are not following your key customers you will be losing a lot of profit. You have already put in time and money in getting new customers and established credibility and cultivated a good relationship the very first time. So do not let them go.

Tips to Get More Sales from Your Existing Customers:

1. Incentives

The best way is to offer incentives to the customers so that they keep coming back to you. For example if a bicycle for a kid is bought by the parents, give them free up-gradation every year. You have to make sure that the second bicycle is also bought from you. Meanwhile parents will also purchase accessories for their children. You have to think about lifetime value and not the transactional.

2. Complementary Services

Customers will be more receptive to you the offers immediately after they purchase from you. Additional complementary products and services like free ebooks, instructional material, discount offers, special schemes, a computer software, a training course or a free membership in a club or something. It can be anything to keep your customers engaged. It might be a herculean task but definitely worth it. Offer upgrades, promotional services, newer and improved versions. Run contests or offer them “tip of the day”.

3. Keep in Touch

Connect well with your customers to be on the radar all the time. Contact them via phone, email, newsletters, etc. Do not badger them and sell anything. If you are running a retail store you can communicate and tell them that you are available for alterations and delivery services. Your best and loyal customer will definitely get back to you if you stay in touch with them in a low pressure way.

4. Customer Opinion

Get the opinion of your customers about you’re selling products. Put the clothing samples on your website and ask your customers to vote. The clothing retailer can add to its offerings and send emails of the most voted garments to the visitors.

5. Ask for Recommendation

A great way to strengthen the customer relationship is to offer incentives for in-house referrals by making them affiliates. Offer them cash discounts by asking the current clients for recommendation to the leader in the other sectors of the company. This will generate more sales and hence more income.

6. Getting Personal

Getting personal with the existing customers can get you more sales and boost your business. One can also make use of social media. Social networking sites are omnipresent. Develop relationships with the present and potential buyers. List your company events and go for personalized gifts to promote your sales. Determine your potential customers who are more likely to purchase again and again so that all your effort does not go in vain.

Follow these guidelines to boost the sales from existing customers. You might have to toil day and night but remember hard work now will reach dividends later.

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