How Spammers Can Get Thousands of Gmail Addresses Within Minutes – Courtesy Google Buzz

Google already fixed many privacy issues in Google Buzz, but still there are some serious loopholes spammers can use to get your Gmail user ID.

Do you know how spammers can quickly get your Email Id using Google Buzz even though you have set your profile URL to show numbers instead of username?

Here is how:

To get thousands of Gmail user IDs visit Google Buzz profile of any famous personality on the Internet having many Google Buzz followers. How to find such famous personality? Just look for top 100 blogs on Technorati.  Find the top blogs that are on Google Buzz and visit their Google Buzz profile URL.

Let’s take example of one famous social media blog “Mashable!”  that is ranked 4th on Technorati.

Google buzz email privacy

1) Visit the Google Buzz profile of Mashable CEO:

2) Now click on comments link on any Buzz topic to expand and see all the comments. When you expand the comments you will see author name who made the comment and link to his/her profile.

3) Hover mouse over any profile (even on profiles showing profile URL with numbers) and change mouse cursor focus on “View Full Profile” link. On browser status bar you will see profile URL of this Google user. It looks something like:

You can easily note down the username from this profile URL and this is the Gmail Id of this user ( That’s it.

This means even if you set your profile URL with some numbers (E.g. anyone can get your Gmail username and this is true for many Google Buzz profile URLs that I observed.

Try it yourself.

Only Google know if this is a bug in Google buzz or one of its features!

To get 1000 Gmail email addresses spammer can happily spend one-two hours on any famous Google Buzz profile.

Warning: So whether you use numbers in your profile or not, your email address is no longer hidden from spammers. So be careful before commenting on any Google Buzz post.

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6 Responses to “How Spammers Can Get Thousands of Gmail Addresses Within Minutes – Courtesy Google Buzz”

  1. rianov says:

    There are thousands of new ways for spammers to get email ids.
    protecting your email is very difficult now.

  2. Cool ….

    i didn’t knew that but with the upcoming changes, i need to get updated with the latest….

    Thanks for sharing this………

  3. This is true and vulnarable. Internet is itself is very vulnarable. This is not only about Google Buzz, anywhere you put personal data and you are screwed!!

  4. Bisomber says:

    Interesting stuff.
    But I don’t agree with ur comments on profile with number.
    Let’s say . This is the profile of Lawrence Wang. So how could u know his email id ?
    Can you briefly elaborate ? otherwise edit your post.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. This is especialy for Bisomber.
    The Gmail ID for Lawrence Wang
    IS lawrenceyeah
    But don’t ask how I got it.

  6. aftab says:

    hai ..friend …. please give me brief explanation through my my mail…
    i am unable understanding…..can U …PLZ….

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