Simple SEO Tricks to Rank YouTube Videos High in Search Engines

SEO Tips for YouTube Videos

YouTube being the second largest search engine is bigger than Yahoo. Online business people should take into account YouTube for their business opportunities to grow. Product selling also depends on the interesting videos made than the boring ones that make the increase of the core business. YouTube considers how the page is constructed that gives you the opportunity to improve the page.

The video created should be worthy enough. The video has to be compelling, the way of conveying and the subject matter is of utter importance. Not to get too obsessive to make that perfect video. Video is used to attract clients & to build subscribers for the campaign. Great way for your business introduction. A beginning of a true relationship.

YouTube SEO Tips

Here are some simple Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Video for Search Engines:


In the video it is very much necessary to include the phone number, the name, the address and the URL of your website as it will be converted into text by Google systems.

Video Tagging

Add in important and handful tags for each video. There can be many words or single word phrases in the tag. It is necessary that you include the name of the business category and the name of the location on the video as tags.

Video Embed

How popular is the video is indicated by the number of embeds. If you want the video to be seen elsewhere the embed code will let you do so. On YouTube to house the video is a better option. The video should be embedded in the website page.

Video Promotion

Videos can be promoted by using social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+. The promotion of the business through the video via different channels can bring about the customers to run and view it. This helps the video in ranking. Having more than one video helps you to optimize the YouTube channel with the link, the description, and the link to the social media profiles.

The Description

In the description the initial sentences tells you about the video. In the description text you must mention the phone number, the address & the location. There should be a separate section for the company profile.

Video Geotagging

To associate the location of the business geotag the video. In the search field put the address location & then follow it by clicking the search button. On the small pop up the location is shown. By dragging the marker you can refine it. Based on the locations of people seeing the videos, YouTube Trends map shows on the map the very popular videos. Through the layer in the Google map the videos can be accessed.

Channel Name & Look

Determine the best username for the YouTube account. Choose a keyword for the YouTube channel name. This will help you in finding the video channel in the YouTube which in turn makes people remember it. Optimizing YouTube video is little different than optimizing website for SEO.

The look of the channel should be very impressive. No one wants to kill the time to figure out how the website does. The appearance of the YouTube channel should be very professional and catching. It is imperative to include the logo of the company, Have descriptions, Have backgrounds of what the business does.

Caption & transcription

One can add description, titles, notes, links on the top of the video. When you add the link on top of the description place the call to action on the video saying Click here to become a fan of our page. You tube’s captions & features can be taken advantage. Video transcripts should be provided. The search engine guess about the content by the information provided. In the description full transcripts of the video should be placed the search engine will then understand the video.

Taking into consideration the above SEO tips for YouTube videos, you can easily optimize the video content for search engines.

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