Newest Technology 2012

The latest advancements in technology has lead to lot of new innovative inventions and newer digital media technology has forayed into the market.

Here is the rundown on the newest technology 2012.

Flexible Samsung Phone

Flexible Samsung Phone

The new Samsung Galaxy Skin will feature AMOLED display that is bendable and can be rolled up and used like a wrist watch. It can be bent like a cylinder with 1

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphone Review

BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone

There are cell phones and then there are BlackBerries. Blackberry is not just a smartphone but a style statement. This phone is no more just a business tool suited for the blue colored executives but more and more people are using it for their day to day life. It is special as most of its versions are no less than a fully functional mini computer.  Most popular among corporate guys who travel a

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Nissan Sunny Review

Nissan Sunny Review

The brand new Sedan from the Nissan table is now available in market. Named Versa earlier, Nissan’s Sunny had to go through a change in name owing to the existence of an automobile model bearing the name manufactured by the Maruti Company. Based on Micra, the name sunny as Nissan explains stands for the god of suns, indicating a pious dawn. It is the 10th generation Sunny to

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Apple Siri on iPhone 4S

Apple Siri app

The new iPhone 4S boasts of the voice recognition application Siri. Siri is one of the most top notch and high end features of Apple iPhone 4S. Apple had a voice control feature before also but Siri gives directions and answers all kinds of questions and is loads of fun.

It will be your personal assistant talking to you in your natural language. You

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