My blogging goals for 2009

Getting inspired from Daniel, I decided to sit down and list my blogging goals for year 2009. It didn’t take me time to list the goals, as these goals are in my mind since last few months. Though I was not able to work on these goals on priority, I decided to complete these goals in first few months of 2009.

Here is my goal list:

  •  Figure out way to be successful in click arbitrage.
  •  New designs for few blogs in my blog portfolio. (I manage 3 popular blogs)
  •  Post consistency

I don’t want to list hundreds of goal for 2009 that I couldn’t manage. I think setting above three goals will indirectly address other goals like blog traffic, subscribers and money.

You will get little surprised on the first goal, yes I am figuring out a way to be profitable just by click arbitrage using some of my parked domains and currently running some test campaigns for this.

Surely I will share my success with you guys.

4 thoughts on “My blogging goals for 2009”

  1. @Wesley
    Yes, click arbitrage was a huge hit in 2007, but it still can be profitable and I know few bloggers earning a decent living from this method without writing a single article. Obviously, I don’t want to go that way (without writing anything), I am just experimenting with this click arbitrage with some parked domains, I will definitely share my experiment with you guys..

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