How to Make Money Online as a Freelance Writer

Make money as freelance writer, but the question is how? And how much investment does it require? The answer to the second question is none. Yes, you have heard it right. It does not take anything to start working as a freelance writer till the time you have a computer and an Internet connection.

Then the next question that came to my mind, when I was advised to do the same was why a freelance writer? It is because if you have a writing bug in you, you can make good money by sitting at home and fulfilling your daily chores. Moreover, it is a legitimize way to earn money and you will keep on horning your skills with the amount of time you spend. The opportunities in writing are as vast as sea and you will not end up doing a regular and routine job every day.

When I started working as a freelance writer, my baby was small and I could take up any office job, leaving him behind alone. After I started working as a freelance writer, the opportunities came unfolding with time. Whether you are good in law, travel, technology or any other thing, you can pick up the topics of your own choice and there will be a queue of companies who want you to work on their projects. You can also choose to write resume, story books, pamphlets and other marketing materials.

Making Money as Freelance Writer:

You can not only help in covering the daily finances of your house but also earn a little extra by taking some time out from your regular job. The best way to go for it is to spend some time in finding the work on a freelance writing sites and register on them. These are the sites where companies advertise to find people to work for them on cheaper rates. The best part is that you can sit in any part of the world and work on the project from another corner. The popularity of these websites is such that people from all nations come and post work on them. To make money as freelance writer, all you need is to find is your writing skills. It means, finding out what kind of writing interests you and excites you. It is only after that you and project owner will be able to enjoy the work equally.

Beware of Fraud Websites:

While working as freelancer, you also need to remember a few things that will help you save yourself from the frauds. Along with the genuine websites, there are also a number of fraudulent websites that are available on the Internet space because of the involvement of big money. Never hire any agency to find any freelance writing website for you. They are all on Internet, you can find them out with a little surfing. Also, never get into the trap of any website which asks for any kind of payment. Most of these websites are free of cost and charge the companies for posting work.  And while registering on any website, always have a look on its privacy statement to make sure that your personal information will be safe with it.

Types of Freelance Writing Jobs Available in Market:

  • Academic freelance Writing jobs
  • Article writing freelance job
  • Book writing freelance job
  • Copywriting freelance job
  • eBook writing freelance job
  • Editing freelance job
  • Ghostwriting freelance job
  • Newsletters writing freelance job
  • Proofreading freelance job
  • Research writing freelance job
  • Resumes writing freelance job
  • Reviews writing freelance job
  • Technical Writing freelance job
  • Translation freelance job

How to Get Started in Freelance Writing Career:

  1. Know your strengths. Identify the niche where your writing is exceptional
  2. If you are a skilled writer having some professional course added in your portfolio then  your task of getting the freelance writing work is very easy.
  3. Initially write guest post on other popular websites for free.
  4. Promote your guest articles on social networking sites.
  5. Write for online newspapers and magazines for free.
  6. Prepare a good freelance resume with links to your best articles published online.
  7. Once you build online reputation as a freelance writer, start writing for money.
  8. Learn SEO concepts as most of the publishers and companies ask for SEO experts to write their content.

Now you should be ready to accept high paying freelance writing job opportunities.

Also I suggest starting your own blog besides freelance writing career. One day your blog will be a big asset for you and you won’t require writing for others as you will be making huge money online from your blog.

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  1. there are tons of websites for getting freelancing jobs. you need good skills though. but as day by day competition is getting worst people are ready to write quality 600 words article in below $1 rate

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