Google penalizing sites selling text links

Many webmasters noticed drop in their page rank last week. Some are saying that Google page rank update is in process. Most of the webmasters are complaining about drop in PR. Some webmasters have noticed drop in their incoming links.

It’s for sure that Google is penalizing sites selling text links. Google is against text links as it unnecessarily brings some Google juice to irrelevant sites.  The Google guy Matt Cut was pointing this major Google concern about sites selling paid and irrelevant text links. Google also added webmaster feature to report sites selling paid links. This was clearly a red flag about what is going to be in coming days and it is just happening.  Matt suggested some ethical ways like if you are selling links on your site then use nofollow tag to these links. Also mention clearly that these are sponsored links.

Google is taking strict action against such sites buy either dropping them completely from search engine results or dropping their page rank. Many web sites dropped from Google results confirmed to be selling paid irrelevant text links and  even with some black hat SEO techniques like bad anchor text, hidden keywords, 301 redirect and irrelevant links.

Google is main traffic source for most of the web sites and if you want to grow your business without any obstacle then you have no other option than following the Google rules.

Last month I wrote article on Google webmaster guidelines you should follow when Google started penalizing sites with text links.


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2 Responses to “Google penalizing sites selling text links”

  1. Michael Sync says:

    :) good….. a lot of bloggers are focusing on ads instead of writing quality things.. :(

  2. Vijay says:

    Ya Michael you are right. No one is caring about the content and if this continues in future then there would be sites only for SEO and without meaningful content :(
    So there is need to take some action to prevent this and Google is doing the right things.

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