Top 9 Websites to Send Free SMS – Send Free Text Messages Online

Send Free SMS

SMS messages have become a part and parcel of our day to day lives to stay in touch with friends or send an important or urgent and quick message. Many service providers charge a lot for availing this service.

There are several sites with which you can send messages worldwide and within your country without any charge. Here are some of the best websites that offer these services:

1. Way2sms


It is started in 2006 and has many users everyday. The message limit is 92 characters. You can organize your contact details and those hunting for jobs can also check out the openings in the separate section.

2. Send SMS Now

Send SMS Now

It is a free service with which you can send messages worldwide. You can organize your contacts and groups and even receive replies. However, you will be charged 5 cents for every SMS that is sent to a group.

3. 160by2

160by2 SMS free

It is a very popular website started in 2007. The message limit is 80 characters. An option of 80 characters advertisement is given to the advertisers in every message. You can send only 50 SMS per day.

4. Ibibo

With this SMS service you can link your mobile phones to ibis accounts. Users are also allowed to make free phone calls.


SMS7 send free SMS

The message limit is 440 characters, probably one of the best websites in terms of message lengths.

6. AtroChatro

AtroChatro text messaging

The best feature of this website is that it does not require registration. It has great services like free e-cards, free SMS samples foe various occasions and many more things. But there is a SMS limit of 2 per IP address per day.

7. Text4Free


It is another free SMS and MMS service provider worldwide. You can send free text messages to more than 100 countries and even add tools for free texting to myspace.

8. Jaxtr

Jaxtr SMS

It was launched in 2007 and has a huge membership across 220 countries. Apart from free messaging service one can also receive free calls from any part of the world. The message limit is 65 words

9. Spice SMS

Spice SMS

You can send unlimited SMS to any mobile number in India. There is no registration and the message limit is 160 characters. All you need to do is write the number and your message.

There are numerous other websites that offer free services to send SMS online. Now you can avail these services without paying a penny for messages. You can communicate with your friends and distant relatives overseas as well.

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