Simple tips from Google search team to boost your site ranking

Recently Google search team shared some useful SEO tips for boosting the site ranking in Google search results and for easy crawling of your site pages from Google crawler.

But avoid using tricks to manipulate results in Google search ranking. No need of black hat SEO techniques if you follow some simple steps. Below are few simple tips, any person unfamiliar with SEO techniques can implement on site for better search engine ranking.

10 Simple and Effective Tips for Improving Search Engine Ranking:

1) If you think Google crawler is taking more time to index your pages, then create sitemap and submit XML sitemap to Google. Also put HTML sitemap on site.

2) Create custom 404 error pages. If you have moved some pages to new links then redirect old pages with 301 redirect.

3) Use Google Webmaster services to check for any errors in your site that prevents Google crawler from crawling your site pages.

4) Use unique <title> tag on every page. Choose page title related to page content. Use main keywords in article title and url. Use “Keyword” and “Description” META tags for every page. While writing Meta description, summaries your page content with important keywords. Do not write only keywords in Meta description tag. Think what users will search for topics on which you are writing. Use those keywords in your post title, content and url. Use wordpress All in one SEO plugin for inserting title, description and keyword meta tags in site pages.

5) Don’t forget to label the images properly in your site articles. Use descriptive “alt” tags if you are linking the images. You can get good site traffic from Google image search if you label all images properly.

6) Keep on checking your pages indexed by Google. Use ‘site’ operator for searching your site pages indexed by Google.
This will show all pages indexed by Google from this site. See if proper page titles and description is shown in search engine result pages for indexed pages.

7) Make sure every page from your site is accessible from other pages. Interlink your site articles. This will guide Google crawler deep into your site content.

8) Do not put more than 100 links on any single page linking to other sites.

9) Regularly check for broken links on your site. For creating page urls use keywords used for page title. Avoid using numbers and non-readable characters in url structure. Instead of dynamic urls, use static url structure. Use keyword rich anchor text. Anchor text is link text that is clickable.

10) Use keyword rich headline tags like <h1>, <h2> properly in the beginning of page content. Make sure you have important keywords in first paragraph of your article.

Besides these tips, user friendly navigation is helpful for both site users and search engine crawlers.

Hope these are some basic and helpful SEO tips to start your SEO efforts in ranking your pages higher in search engines.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. These are nice, simple and easy to do tips so I think anyone can benefit from this.

    Regarding point 9 about broken links, there’s a tool called Xenu Link Sleuth that finds broken links for you and can also generate sitemaps.

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